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1) From: Diablo
So busy with so many things, I'm reduced to reading and being unable to join in
these great convo's with you all.  Leaves me in this position of a tripple post
in one post.  
1)  How many times and how severely have you burned yourself on roasting
equipment?  I just got a nice one off the front of the HR-1 last night.  Woo,
that front face plate gets pretty hot lemme tell ya.
2)  Do you have a name for your roaster?  I think I want to name mine, HR-1 is
so cold and impersonal don't you think ?  :)
3)  I have some Tanzania, and it is incredible.  Spicy peppery grapefuit tang. 
I want to use it in a blend however.  Given that I have great centrals and the
standard Mandheling for blending, I'm unsure how to bring in that tang from the
Tanzania to a blend.  I have Sidamo as well.  Just wondering if anyone could
help with ideas.

2) From: Mike Chester

3) From: Diablo
--- Mike Chester  wrote:

4) From: Bob
1:) There's a nice bean shaped burn scar on my leg where one 
jumped out of my popper years back. Of course I was sitting down 
and wearing shorts at the time ... yeouch

5) From: Lynne Biziewski
Burns from my little roasting pot have come & gone (grabbed the hot part
once w/out a potholder. Years of cooking gave me plenty of burns & cuts on
my fingers & thumbs - sometimes both at the same time. Worst thing was, yrs
I didn't have a dishwasher (imagine submerging cuts in water & detergent
& over again, while they are healing... ugh)
I wear my scars as badges of honor!!
; > } )
On 7/13/07, Bob  wrote:

6) From: Alchemist John
At 09:36 7/13/2007, you wrote:
It is mostly gone now, but I had a great? burn/scar/brand about a 
square inch in the diamond pattern of the mesh of my roasting 
drum.  Dropped it onto my arm right out of the roaster.  ouch.  Heard 
the skin actually hiss.
I roast in my Zen II roaster.
hrm, no ideas there.  Maybe with a nice sweet brazil undertone.
John Nanci
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

7) From: Diablo
--- Alchemist John  wrote:
The sweetest I have is a nice Costa.  I'll start with maybe 75% Costa and 25%
Tanzania PB.  See how that goes.  I can preroast blend those as well, they both
get great fruits sweetness and hint of roast around 15-16 minutes dumping at
Thanks dude,

8) From: Larry Johnson
My bread machine came with a name painted right on it - Mr. Loaf.
Leo wrote:
Larry J
Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do
  - Mahatma Gandhi

9) From: Jerry Procopio
Before I started drum roasting I used the HG/DB.  Occasionally (in honor 
of Alfred) I would imbibe some Tanqueray and inevitably I would have 
some kind of disaster.  One I remember quite well is just hitting 2nd 
crack and picking up the bowl to dump the beans in my bean cooler when 
somehow a bean flew from the dogbowl and ended up inside my shoe.  I was 
sockless wearing loafers.  Ever seen an old man do a one legged dance 
while holding a dogbowl of hot beans?  That lil bugger didn't cool down 
very much in the airspace between the bowl and my foot.
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake, VA
Diablo wrote:

10) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
I'll tell ya my burn story is a pretty good one in one of my very first
HG/DB roasts the dog bowl got me good. I was coming to the end of the
roast and I had just picked up the DB when my clumsy hand (with glove on
of course) dropped it directly on to my bare legs(of course I was only
wearing shorts at the time) the bottom of the 400+ degree stainless
steel Dog Bowl fell squarerly on my knees and after a rapid tossing
across the garage of the entire roast and bowl I have a matching pair of
semi-circle blisters about 4 inches across on each thigh. I still wear
the scars proudly today (this happened a year ago now)
My newest sacrafice of my body to my roasting obsession has come of late
with the addition of a RK drum and grill to my roasting methods. 
I have a decient blister on each forearm from accententially touhing the
grill hood (the gloves I have a re soo good I sometimes forget that the
lid is VERY hot while roasting. 
And when doing my last batch I was cooling the beans when one very hot
and ver determined bean decied to climb inside my gloved hand and lodge
itself inside my middle finger and proceded to rapidly transfer the heat
to the back of my finger once again creating a wonderful blister for my
to enjoy...
Such is life...AKA what we are willing to do for an obsession (I mean
FC1(SW/AW) Dennis W. True
"Life Liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it..."

11) From: Brett Mason
Nevertheless....  Here's to Alfred...
  Gin it is....
On 7/22/07, Jerry Procopio  wrote:

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