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Topic: Tom's Invaluable Bean Ratings on a Pocket PC... and I (5 msgs / 117 lines)
1) From: Mark
At 10:11 AM 04/11/2001, you wrote:
It'd be great if Tom wants to offer it as a free download; however I'd only 
do it on the condition that he *doesn't* send me any free green :-)
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2) From: Robert Curtner
I use a free product called "AvantGo" from 
https://avantgo.com/frontdoor/index.html .  It lets you download webpages 
onto your handheld and once setup it will update the contents every time 
you sync.  So I have Tom's green coffee page and other important things 
like the NY Times.  It's easy to just sync before I do a roasting and I 
have what is current.
At 12:35 AM 11/4/01 -0800, you wrote:
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3) From: Mark
At 05:20 PM 04/11/2001, you wrote:
Good solution (also available to Pocket PC users through avant go, or 
through Mazingo, a new product that does a much better job than Avant Go), 
and Palm users could also use iSilohttp://www.isilo.com/to do it as well, 
on their own terms)
But the DB option is one I like better, simply because it's searchable, 
organizable, and you can turn on or off various columns of info, so if you 
want to just view comparison notes, or just the roasting tips, you can do so.
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4) From: Mark
At 06:37 PM 07/11/2001, you wrote:
Does that mean you give me the go ahead to give it to anyone who asks, Tom? :-)
Also, if you want, I can give it to you to put on your site for 
downloading, as Ed suggested. It can also be exported as comma or tab 
delimited, for people who want to import it into other PDA formats.
heheh. Well, the thing I like about my PDA, in order:
a) book reader (Pocket PC has a bigger rez than most Palms (Sony Clies 
excepted, makes it nice to read, and I can put a couple dozen books on it 
if I want
b) I have a folding keyboard for it, and it has Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, 
and I also use Conduits' Pocket Slides, a very capable PowerPoint program 
(you can actually create, as well as display PPT slides on it, or on a big 
screen, via a vga CF card)
c) lately, having Tom's roasting notes close at hand
d) mp3 and wma player
e) plays movies with aplomb. I can get two feature length movies on one 
256mb CF card (I have 3 of them).
f) Transcriber is the natural handwriting program, and it totally kicks 
butt. Recognizes my chicken scrawl as well as cursive, printed, or both 
styles of writing.
But this is a Homeroast mailing list, so I'll leave it at that. Oh, except 
one more thing: in ListPro, I left a few spots for freeform note taking 
while roasting. This way you can append your own notes to Tom's comments 
for future reference. Very handy in that you can scrawl the notes right on 
screen as your roast, no need to run to the computer, or pen and paper, 
then organize and file later on.
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5) From: HomeRoaster
	I noticed this thread on getting HomeRoast information on the Palm and 
Pocket PC.
Here are two links which will setup your device to get the "Recent 
HomeRoast Digest" downloaded for you.
For Mazingo the URL is:
http://www.mazingo.net/pc/subscribe.php?site_id1For Avantgo the URL is:
http://avantgo.com/mydevice/autoadd.html?title=Recent%20HomeRoast&url=http%3A%2F%2FTheMeyers.org%2FHomeRoast%2FTopicRecent.htm&max8&depth=1&images=0&links=0&refresh=always&hours&dflags7&hour=9&quarter&sThe normal URL is:
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