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Topic: Argh! The Anticipation! (5 msgs / 116 lines)
1) From: JD Foster
UPS: Tracking Information
Your package has experienced an exception.
An Exception?!  Sometime this spring, my cousin planted the seed of home 
roasting in my head. I joined the Sweet Maria's list a few months ago, 
and have been sponging up everything I can on home roasting. Well, that 
is between moving, starting a new job, and having a pregnant wife.  But 
anyhow, I recently won one of the Poppery IIs from Rose's give away 
(thanks again Rose!), and placed my order for some greens to get my feet 
wet this weekend; an entire double 8-pack sampler and some valve bags.  
I was up half the night, reading, anticipating, and just about as 
restless as a kid on Christmas eve.  I even played hookey from work 
today, eagerly awaiting my weekend full of roasting experiments. 
But now?
5:58 AM Arrival scan.
7:41 AM Out for delivery.
2:04 PM You should have gone to work.
Curse you UPS!  My poor beans are probably strewn across some lonesome 
highway, baking in the California sun.  What can Brown do for me?  Bring 
me my beans!!!
-Beanless in Fresno

2) From: Ian Gowen
On 7/20/07, JD Foster  wrote:

3) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
	Thanks for the xkcd link these are great!!!!
FC1(SW/AW) Dennis W. True
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4) From: miKe mcKoffee
Or how the Grinch stole Christmas... I suppose the only Silver Lining is UPS
shipments are automatically insured up to $100 at no additional charge and
easier to file claim than USPS. But if it was shipped USPS you'd have no
idea where or why it was during shipment anyway...
Solution: immediately go order another double sampler. That way you'll if'n
this shipment needs to be insurance replaced you'll (hopefully) have greens
well before then. If this shipment does show up sooner no biggy, just more
greens to learn with and enjoy! 
Pacific Northwest Gathering VIhttp://home.comcast.net/~mckona/PNWGVI.htmKona Kurmudgeon miKe mcKoffee
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5) From: Floyd Lozano
my latest UPS package just came from UPS with 16lbs of coffee (just couldnt
restrain myself to 12) and one corner on the outside was covered with a big
wad of rubbery black gunk, like silicone sealant or something.  The coffee
looked to be ok, though, so no harm done i guess.
On 7/20/07, Robert Yoder  wrote:

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