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Topic: Roasting Database v6.0 available for download (7 msgs / 147 lines)
1) From: DJ Garcia
The new upgrade for the MS Access-based roasting application is =
with many enhancements.http://isl-images.net/CoffeeRoastingDB/CRDBHome.htmIf you're upgrading, please make a copy of your CoffeeRoasting_be.mdb =
file, and your CoffeeRoasting.mdb front end in case you don't like the =
To upgrade, open the downloaded Zip archive and drag-n-drop to your
installation folder ONLY the new CoffeeRoasting.mdb file and the
CRDBHelp.htm file - NOT the CoffeeRoasting_be.mdb file. If you want the =
images now available, download them (it's a separate Zip file) and =
them to the same installation root folder (C:\ for the normal install). =
will create an Images folder under the C:\CoffeeRoastingDB folder with =
For a new install follow the directions in the CRDB home page above.
Hope you enjoy the upgrade, and let me know if you have any problems.

2) From: Jack Rogers
I'd like to try this out.  Will it work under a user's "My Documents" hierarchy?  User documents
(including .xls, .mdb, .rtf, photos, movies, music, etc.) belong there, NEVER at the root level or
in any area that only an administrator can write to.
Unless this is a standalone program, it shouldn't even be in "Program Files" -- again, it takes
administrator privileges to put anything there.
Putting it under the "My Documents" hierarchy will make things MUCH easier when you decide to do
backups, and eventually when you upgrade your computer and transfer your files to it.
On Sat, July 21, 2007 10:17 pm, DJ Garcia wrote:

3) From: Rich
There are instructions on the website that explain how to place the program files in any diectory of your 
On Sat, 21 Jul 2007 22:31:17 -0500 (CDT), Jack Rogers wrote:

4) From: Rich
You also need Access 2000.  I do not yet know if it will un under Open Office, or how much wok is 
involved in making it do so.  Open office is open source and free, MS Access is not.
On Sat, 21 Jul 2007 22:31:17 -0500 (CDT), Jack Rogers wrote:

5) From: Justin Nevins
I've tried in Open Office, and it doesn't just work out of the box. I am
sure with a little time and effort it could be made to work though...Thus
far, I have not had the time though.
DJ, is there any chance of a port for Open Office? I am sure this is not the
first time you have heard that question...maybe you are already working on
Justin Nevins
On 7/21/07, Rich  wrote:

6) From: DJ Garcia
From what I've read Open Office is not really an option for me. Most of =
work in CRDB is in the forms side and Visual Basic code, and their =
support lies mainly in the back end stuff (tables). I would have to =
the front end.

7) From: CoffeeRoastersClub.com
Hello.  Who put together the features of this list?  Is there a URL 
available that summarizes the functions/applications/usage of this database?
Thanks in advance.

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