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1) From: Jonathan Morris
My wife and I are going on vacation this week and I'm debating on leaving my coffee here in Oklahoma.  Our first couple of days are in Austin, then the Riverwalk in San Antonio.  Anyone know of good coffee in either of those places?  
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2) From: Dan Bollinger
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If memory serves, the coffee at the cafe next door to Book People in =
downtown Austin is good. Dan

3) From: Slinkster
Where in Austin are you planning to be?  There is good coffee to be had, 
but getting to it can be a challenge - Austin has a lot of sprawl...
Jonathan Morris wrote:

4) From: Jonathan Morris
We'll be in Northwest Austin towards Cedar Park.  I'm not familiar with the Austin area at all really.  We'll be spending more time in San Antonio actually.
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5) From: Bill Morgan
Not much out northwest.  IIRC there's an "It's a Grind" location in that
direction; another location I tried was quite drinkable.
Best coffee in town is JP's, at Speedway and Duval, just north of the UT
campus.  They have the only Clover I've seen in town and show it off with
some COE Centrals.
Mozart's, out Lake Austin Blvd at the lake, has a wonderful deck view and
we've had good espresso there.
I don't know anything about the coffee scene in San Antonio.
Enjoy your visit!
On 7/22/07, Jonathan Morris  wrote:

6) From: Dan Bollinger
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Nothing in Cedar Park, been there many times, sleepy bedroom community =
except for the mall. Nothing there either except the chains.

7) From: Slinkster
Jonathan Morris wrote:
There's a coffeeshop on southbound 183 on the south side of Cedar Park.  
I know nothing about it other than that it exists.  If you're closer to 
Austin you can try Genuine Joe's on Anderson Lane, Thunderbird on Koenig 
at Woodrow, Quackenbush's (Quack's) on 43rd and Duval or La Dolce Vita 
around the corner from Quacks.
Can't help you with SA.

8) From: Dave McCracken
On Sunday 22 July 2007, Bill Morgan wrote:
It's a Grind is pretty good.  Unfortunately the one northwest (620 and 
Anderson Mill Rd) closed last year.  There's still one in Hancock Center 
(northeast Austin).
Dave McCracken

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