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Topic: P1 max air temps. (10 msgs / 332 lines)
1) From: John Moody
Im looking for feedback from people who put a thermocouple into their P1
housing right near the heater coil.
What max temps have you seen?  I would expect it to be very high for those
large batches that need help by stirring.
I have hot-rodded mine and now have unlimited heater power.  My next task is
predicting how much is too much and trying to avoid early destruction of the

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
Can't answer your query but maybe Mike (just plain) can since he's the P1
Uber Popper aficionado. 
I will say that your having "unlimited heater power" I'd not expect unless
maybe coming from Mike (just plain) combining his Uber Popper adventures
with his Nuclear Reactor background:-)
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3) From: John Moody
Yes, I'm hoping Mike has some insight.
By unlimited, I mean more power in the P1 heater element than you could
possibly apply without burning the thing out in minutes.

4) From: miKe mcKoffee
Now you've got me curious. What percent voltage boost CAN you now throw at
your heater!? If "only" 20% max boost I wouldn't be too concerned as long as
fan going too. (And not using stock plastic Poppery top for roasting, unless
striving for abstract coffee art:-)

5) From: John Moody
242V with a minimum pulse of 42 milliseconds. Insane, right?  So, once per
second is roughly 250W, a good starting point.  It's dangerous on many
levels, even for someone who thinks they know what they are doing; so don't
do it.
I'm running the stock fan with 0-140V, but have the ability to push a huge
head pressure with an alternate fan, similar to Mikes handmade Uber-fan
except much higher compression ratio.
You can't run auto-tuning on the pid with this setup, so it's back to
fundamentals for that.  Fun stuff, and the coffee tastes pretty good.

6) From: miKe mcKoffee
Yup, you're nuts! (my kind of nuts:-) Running P1 heater 200% normal voltage,
ar-ar-ar-ar-ar More Power, gotta love it! (Pending melt down) should give
very good heater response, much better than a measley 144v or so.

7) From: Michael Dhabolt
John Moody wrote:
Sounds like your having a good time with your P1.  You've identified
the limiting factor with a relatively stock P1 roasting chamber
configuration........bean circulation.  The largest chimney I've been
able to use effectively is the 3" bake-A-round tube.  With the P1
chamber and that chimney I get functional circulation with the stock
fan driven at 140 Volts.  Somewhere around 290 grams of greens will
circulate from cold and expand to 'almost' too much to stay in the
chimney at end of roast (test beans MM - expand more than most).
Supercharging the air flow has given me mixed results - the kind of
results that lead me to believe that a larger roast chamber/chimney is
the next step.  One possibility I've been considering is turning an
adapter that would allow a larger diameter Bake-A-Round to mate to the
P1 chamber.  Off-the-top, I would think that would be a good
configuration to take advantage of your increased heat input and air
flow.  I've got to get back to the machine tools one of these days.
I will be looking forward to more information on your project - it's
also fun to learn without getting your hands dirty ;~)
Mike (just plain)

8) From: raymanowen
"unlimited heater power"
Me, too-
I was going to coax my nephew into letting me install a "Roasting Ball" on =
semaphore arm behind his aircraft in the engine run-up pad. What insane?
With all the starboard afterburners lit, I'd raise that semaphore arm into
the exhaust stream for an amazing 42s roast. Of course, with all the
preliminaries, fuel and post run-up inspections, the cost might approach
$10,000 / roast.
The $10,000 cost would remain pretty much fixed as you added semaphores and
staged multiple roasts at 42s each. Could actually do a thousand roasts
during the original 42 millisecond pulse period. Airmail delivery-
Bottom line-
"Fun stuff, and the coffee tastes pretty good."
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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9) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
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ya know I tried to get the navy to buy of on letting me do my roasts =
while they were engine testing onboard 
Never could convince them to let me do it though   they kept saying the =
potential for FOD was too great.
(FOD= Foreign Object Damage)
never got to the 42s roast time I was just thinking that a really =
fast pass through the jet blast would be great....
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10) From: raymanowen
FOD morphs to RNG (Roast 'n Grind) if you just toss the green beans into th=
intake when you're spooled up to about 96% rpm.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Now, go shag the grounds!
On 7/24/07, True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)  wrote:

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