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Topic: Maxwell House to go 100 percent arabica (8 msgs / 135 lines)
1) From: Homeroaster
http://www.reuters.com:80/article/consumerproducts-SP-A/idUSN2356592920070723Not that any of us are Maxwell House connoisseurs, but I wonder how this
switch will play out in the coffee arena as far as affecting cost,
availability, effect on the farmer?  I heard Vietnam was planting more
Arabica trees, but maybe this will force them to increase Arabica
I would guess that they will still be snatching up the lower grades of
Arabica, which won't bother me a bit, but I'm thinking this will ripple
through the industry in a serious way.
Ed Needham
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2) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
I think "Arabica" was equated with "quality" at some point, but 
acutally it is simple to buy arabica as cheap, sometimes cheaper than 
low grade robusta coffees. You can have arabicas at -.40 , -.60 or 
more from the c market. Remember when everything was labeled 
"natural", without any definition of the term? Arabica, while it has 
some real meaning, doesn't necessarily refer to any quality.
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3) From: Scott Marquardt
I don't think they'd switch canoes midstream unless the new one was cheap
and the old one was leaking.
On 7/24/07, Homeroaster  wrote:

4) From: raymanowen
I think my original RVN beans must have been some of their early Arabica
production. After I got the beans through eBay, I roasted 25g in the FR.
After First crack, just when the really tantalizing smells of Saigon,
Bangkok and Manila smoke started (not the disgusting open sanitary klongs),
I tried to stop it as quickly as possible to avoid the Dreaded Second Crack.
Several hours later, I press brewed some of the most enjoyable fragrant
coffee I've ever had. Everything clicked for me and I wondered what the Sam
Hell went rong for others that made dire comments about their RVN coffee
bean experience.
The SMP Variety Grinder couldn't have been all bad, that's what I was using
at the time. Due to a short-term memory deficit, I forgot how good the
coffee had been and left the rest sealed in a Mason canning jar.
Bottom line- when I realized a 90-day rest might be a bit much for any
coffee, I cracked the lid open. It was under a little pressure. Hallelujah-
it smelled like Bandimere! "Eau de Dragstrip" was the fragrance. Burning
rubber, nitromethane fuel- it's in there.
"Execrable" came to mind, and I donated the balance to Waste Mismanagement.
I pity the poor slob that ever builds on that landfill.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
And you thought Rocky Flats was bad?
On 7/24/07, Homeroaster  wrote:

5) From: Larry English
Arabica & Maxwell House?  My Mom will be heartbroken.  She says she doesn't
like all those new coffees and prefers - Maxwell House. I figure it must be
the Robusta.  Mom is 89 so she's been drinking Maxwell House for over 70
years.  Tough habit to break, I guess.
On 7/24/07, Homeroaster  wrote:

6) From: scott miller
I was at a party recently and some yahoo/farmer was telling me that "German
coffee is the best in the world and they use them roboosto beans. When you
gonna roast me some of them?" ....
There weren't any Germans at the party to roast (other than myself), but I
DO have a pound of GooGoo Muck... I'm just worried he may actually LIKE the
stuff and I'd really be in a mess then.http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.thumbs-down.html#sulawesiGooGooMuckcheers,
On 7/24/07, Larry English  wrote:

7) From: Homeroaster
The article says they are not changing their Master Blend.  I'd guess that's
the one they sell the most of.
Ed Needham
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8) From: Larry English
Mom will be pleased.
On 7/24/07, Homeroaster  wrote:

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