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Topic: Roasting profile for the Monkey espresso blend? (5 msgs / 78 lines)
1) From: Jim Anable
I finally have a good thermometer for tracking temperature while 
roasting in my dual variac (fan and heater) P1 roaster.
Now, can somebody suggest what I should be aiming for as far as 
temperature vs. time with the Sweet Marias Monkey Blend?

2) From: Jim Anable
Jim Anable wrote:
I just found this, if people want to comment about what they have to 
offer: http://iyume.com/coffee/iroast/Roast8-AGraph1.htmlandhttp://iyume.com/coffee/iroast/advice.html

3) From: miKe mcKoffee
Jim's air roasting advise is usually spot on. Can't say what you "should" do
just what I "would" do with Monkey. From ambient initially hit it hard
backing off heat as approach 150f ~30sec (often dropping voltage down in
high 90's) targeting 200f 1min, 250f 2min, 300f 4min drying stage, tanning
through browning roughly another 4 mintues to 400f @ 8min, backing off heat
a bit now (usually 5v or so drop) going into 1st ~410f my temps, start of
1st to end of roast ~5min even slowish ramp. FWIW ~5min end stage regardless
final degree of roast chosen when for espresso shot targeted roasts. Play
with it!
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4) From: Jim Anable
miKe mcKoffee wrote:
Thanks!  I'll give this a try tonight.

5) From: Leo Zick
excel can offer amazing alternatives.. lol
why do you lower the heat for stage 3? the iroast will continue to generate
heat, or are your charts empirical?
On 7/24/07, Jim Anable  wrote:

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