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Topic: My newest 1kg+ homebuilt (7 msgs / 123 lines)
1) From: Edward Bourgeois
Here's a link to my newest homebuilt roasterhttp://www.homeroasters.org/php/forum/viewthread.php?forum_idR&thread_idV1Ed

2) From: Barry Luterman
I think that may be the winner. Great job

3) From: Derek Bradford
Nice work!
On 7/26/07, Edward Bourgeois  wrote:
Every path but your own is the path of fate.  --Thoreau

4) From: Robert Joslin
     A very impressive machine.  Must have been a lot of fun to build.  I
assume the design evolved from your earlier
On 7/26/07, Derek Bradford  wrote:

5) From: Verdova
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Hail to the King!

6) From: DJ Garcia
Wow, that's a beaut. Is the reading lamp optional? :-)

7) From: Brandon Kolbe
WOW, that is an awesome roasting machine.  Great work!!!!
Happy Roasting,
On 7/25/07, Edward Bourgeois  wrote:
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All that we are arises
With our thoughts.
With our thoughts,
We make our world."
       -- Buddha

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