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Topic: Thai Coffee Video, Was: Vietnamese Coffee test (6 msgs / 87 lines)
1) From: Lynne Biziewski
I forgot about this website:http://www.enjoythaifood.com/Click on "cooking videos" on the left - that will bring you to a list (third
from the top is "Iced Coffee")
This sounds similar to Vietnamese coffee.
I once wrote a paper for one of my classes, on this site, (I titled it
about learning everything about Thailand on one site.) I love the cooking
esp., and other information on the rest of the site, (there's enough to get
lost for
hours - at least, that is, if you love cooking & other cultures as much as I
On 7/25/07, Justin Marquez  wrote:

2) From: John Brown
here is a  bachelor meal i just came up with, oh i apologize first for 
my typing or errors,
cancer treatment has made my fingers go numb.
any way use a large crock pot dump, two bottles hard apple cider, in of 
course you must test taste first.
cube four slices of ham. taste test as necessary.
add seasoned salt to taste.  turn on high then wash a small bag of 
yellow whole potatoes. cut them in half add to pot,
i sliced some teraki mushrooms and added to the pot.
cover and let cook until done.  makes great patatoe soup.
for left over i ran the mixer through it to thicken it up and make it 
easier to cool for the fridge.  tomarrow i can boil up some pasta and 
serve for lunch.
of course some where in here i will have to make coffee to drink.  i use 
the 10 tasse Moka pot and dilute by half.
Lynne Biziewski wrote:

3) From: Frank Parth
Thank you for this link. I had found it a couple of  years ago and then lost it. Couldn't for the life of me remember 
what it was. Alzheimers, that's what it must be, or maybe I just need more coffee.
Frank Parth

4) From: Lynne Biziewski
Don't worry - I forgot it, too. Did a search. Enjoy Thai Food - would think
I could have
remembered that. I have OldTimers', too.
On 7/26/07, Frank Parth  wrote:

5) From: Angelo
I noticed in the film that he used condensed milk AND sugar. I'm 
wondering whether the condensed milk in Thailand is unsweetened, 
because I've never seen here (USA).

6) From: Lynne Biziewski
Well, I watched the video again - without the sugar, it would be evaporated,
but it's too thick to be evaporated milk, so has to be condensed sweetened.
Ugh - you have to have a REAL sweet tooth to add more sugar to that ...
On 7/26/07, Angelo  wrote:

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