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1) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
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	Any thoughts? Suggestions for different?

2) From: David Morgenlender
I find the same thing with the normal proportions in my mokapot.  I =
usually make
pseudo-Americanos or lattes from the mokapot.  But pouring the mokapot =
over ice & adding milk makes a great iced coffee.
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Dave Morgenlender
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3) From: Leo Zick
4 scoops ground into a mason jar.
add water, up to 1 quart/4 cups.
place in fridge
sit overnight
strain into a cup with ice
add toppings as desired
add more water if it brewed too strongly for your taste, or just let the ice
melt a bit
On 7/26/07, True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)  wrote:

4) From: Leo Zick
using your approach - mokapot or espresso machine, make the shot and add
sugar while hot.
add water and milk after.. advantage is the sugar melts better, and youll
get a different taste since its more americano-ish..
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5) From: Robert Avery
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Speaking of Iced coffeeSounds good !!! I usually keep the left over =
morning Drip and put it in the frig. to keep it for later. I then fill a =
glass 1/2 full of the coffee and about 1 oz of vanilla flavored coffee =
cream ... I prefer International Brand ... then top it off with skim =
milk .... might not be as rich as your blend ... but beats Charbucks, =
MickyDe's, or Dunkin by a long shot. Later, Bob

6) From: Jim De Hoog
I have been cold brewing a coffee concentrate lately for ice coffee.
I grind 1/2 pound coffee then add 6-7 cups of cold water. Let set out overnight, 12-14 hours.  Strain through my gold filter. Stores in a container in the refrig. up to 2 weeks.  Use 1/2 cup concentrate with 1 cup water, add some half & half and carmel syrup, a little ice and I enjoy some great ice coffee on the way to work.
Jim "Ice Bucket Roaster" De Hoog
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Subject: +Speaking of Iced coffee
There has been a mention of Iced coffee lately I thoght that I would share my recipe with the group 
2 scoop Aeropress in to your glass(appx 16oz glass for me) - I fill the Aeropress with hot water to the 4 mark since I am not diluting it after 
Put in Ice and add the milk or cream of your choice (I use Heavy Whipping Cream) 
Sweeten to taste 
Using the conctrate from the Aeropress seems to work great since as the ice melts it works the ratio out to give a great unwatered down cuppa!
Any thoughts? Suggestions for different? 

7) From: David Rolenc
I have been using the Toddy brew method for that: http://www.toddycafe.com/shop/product.php?productIdg. I use about 3/4 
pound for 7 cups of water. It's OK for hot too, but cold drinks are great!
Jim De Hoog wrote:

8) From: Larry Johnson
Anybody got thoughts on which coffee or blend works best for iced?
On 7/26/07, David Rolenc  wrote:
Larry J
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9) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
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What ever I have roasted it what I have been using....
I would love to hear what the group uses I guess I never really thought
about it...

10) From: Michael Wascher
Liquid Amber!
I'm not a big fan of Liquid Amber for espressos or my usual Americanos, but
it seems to be the best for iced coffee. I run a couple of shots into a
glass, usually add a little sugar (which I rarely do for hot coffees) & then
pop it into the freezer. When it's chilled I pour it over cracked ice.
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11) From:
I do mine a little backwards. For a 16 0z glass (plastic actually, made me a little nervous to put hot & cold in glass), I brew 2 shots of espresso and pour in my cup.  Then add the flavor/syrups.  Then swirl/stir.  Then add milk to about 2/3-3/4 full.  Then add ice.  I do it backwards because it gets mixed better.  It's hard to stir a cup of ice.  I suppose also that b/c you're not pouring hot espresso over the ice, you don't water it down as quickly.  It always bugs me to have no flavor at first, then get too much at the bottom.  This avoids it. I haven't found a bean or roast that tastes bad in an iced coffee.  I've always thought iced coffees & frappes are more forgiving.
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12) From:
I had mcDonald's iced coffee on vacation ( I was desparate) and couldn't finish it.  I could tell by LOOKING at it that it wasn't going to be good. It had a weird color.  The coffee flavor was nasty, and the hazlenut flavor I ordered was undetectable.  I find it hard to get coffee drinks at many cafes now.
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13) From: stereoplegic
sounds about right to me, but if you put the syrup in first and swirl 
while your shot is pulling, there's no need to stir, and you get the 
shot at its hottest to better dissolve the syrup. when you add milk and 
ice, gravity takes care of the rest. also, good job not putting ice 
directly on the shots or vice versa... yuk.
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