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1) From: Dave Huddle
I'm here with a new email address, but I've been on the list for a looooong
time.   I started roasting soon after Tom opened his place in Columbus
several years ago - using  poppers, Alpenrost, Hearthware Precision &
Gourmet, Zach & Dannis, 'wb' & FreshRoast in the garage.
We are planning on a home remodeling project and my wife wants to include an
indoor, well ventilated, temperature controlled roasting area for me.
We are planning a 1st floor laundry room (currently in the basement) and I'm
thinking that including a vent-hood & roasting counter top area in the new
laundry room would be the way to go.
I'll probably be getting a Behmor, Gene Cafe or Hottop when the project is
So - do you folks have thoughts and suggestions about my roasting area
What would you need/include in YOUR roasting room?
 (I'm not a tinkerer - no HG/DB, SC/TO, RK drum, etc. is in my plans.)
Westerville, OH

2) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 7/27/07, Dave Huddle <137trimethyl26dioxopurine> wrote:

3) From: Eddie Dove
Second.  Motion carried.
On 7/27/07, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

4) From: Dave Huddle
Ok - Probat it is!  Please make direct deposits to my checking account, #
822 5.............
On 7/27/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

5) From: Eddie Dove
Okay ... on a more serious note ...
Personally, I would have several separate and dedicated circuits for
the roasting area, preferably 20 amp, but I like overkill.  Also, I
would have a range hood that is LARGE with a very quiet fan.  One that
the roasting smoke and aromas could waft up into before being drawn
out of the house.
Hope that is helpful ...
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
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6) From: Robert Joslin
     One important thing to think about with a roasting operation inside
your house:  Consider the venting very carefully.  I would shoot for the
shortest and most direct path to vent the exhaust to the outside, even if
this means choosing or creating a room with an outside wall for roasting
operations.  No matter what your typical style of roasting, vent pipe will
accumulate residue which, to operate safely, will need to be cleaned
periodically.  This includes a ventahood type exhausting system.  You will
notice the gradual buildup of residue on the metallic surfaces of your hood
and the same material accretes on the inside of the piping.  Double wall
piping?  Definitely!  Short, straight runs that can be accessed easily would
be a real plus. You lucky devil.  Josh
On 7/27/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

7) From: Dave Huddle
Yep - I'm lucky.    More that 21 years ago, when we were dating, my now-wife
gave me a burr grinder and some bags of roasted coffee from a local roaster
as a Christmas gift.
She gets a cup of coffee every AM when she gets out of the shower and
another when she gets down to the kitchen later.
On 7/27/07, Robert Joslin  wrote:

8) From: John Brown
make sure to have some new 120 volt circuits run with top line quality 
electrical wiring devices used.  maybe a 230 voltage outlet as well.  
you might find a use for one later on.
Dave Huddle wrote:

9) From: scott miller
Make sure you have enough counter & cabinet space!
Check this basement setup:http://peter4jc.googlepages.com/cheers,
On 7/27/07, Dave Huddle <137trimethyl26dioxopurine> wrote:

10) From: Michael Wade
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Like most of the other suggestions, mine have mostly to do with power =
and venting; If you're considering a laundry room it probably already =
has 220V power for the dryer.  You could have a sub-panel installed in =
the 220V circuit to pull your 120V  20A circuits from and the result =
should be very low voltage drop while roasting.  The laundry room should =
also be in close proximity to an outside wall for easy venting.  Don't =
skimp on vent size or blower cfm.  You might want to think about where =
the make-up air will come from; if you're in a cold winter climate =
sucking a bunch of outside air into the house will likely generate some =
comment from your other half...  
My final suggestion would be to install generous lighting.  I'm a =
photographer, so I'm picky about color temperature and CRI (color =
Rendering Index) of light sources.  I love to be able to see all the =
colors that are there.  The human eye is a marvelous instrument, though, =
and will adapt to most any color balance, just be sure to have plenty of =
ambient light.
Michael   (another one)

11) From: Larry Johnson
You're getting some great advice here. All I can think to add is to keep in
mind how you plan to cool the beans. Even if you choose a roaster with a
built-in cool cycle, some cooling outside the roaster may be needed at
times. You may not need to consider this in the major design elements; maybe
just the floor space needed for a floor fan, but even that may affect your
On 7/27/07, Dave Huddle <137trimethyl26dioxopurine> wrote:
Larry J
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12) From: Robert Joslin
Good point, Larry.  Don't forget space for the vac., Dave.  If you sometimes
fan cool, you will have chaff blown everywhere.  In my roasting shed I have
a mini shop vac mounted on the wall with an extra long hose.  To save time
when doing back to back roasts in the HR-1 or Hot Top, I will often use a
portable fan to blow over the cooling tray as the beans are dumped to speed
up the cooling process.  Vac is very handy for cleaning up chaff trap or
tray and getting the stuff that blows all over the floor.  Fortunately the
floor is only 8 X 10 and everything is table or wall mounted, so cleanup
takes about 45 secs.  Josh
On 7/28/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:

13) From: raymanowen
"I'm not a tinkerer - no HG/DB, SC/TO, RK drum, etc. is in my plans."
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what you thought you couldn't do. -
-Ray Owen
On 7/29/07, Robert Joslin  wrote:
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