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Topic: Yellowing Beans (8 msgs / 218 lines)
1) From: Aaron
I have been going through my stash lately trying to reduce it and get 
rid of some of the older beans.  Wow im finding stuff buried in the 
bottom that should have been used but wasn't.....
anyways,  I am finding that some of the beans seem a bit yellower than I 
can remember.   Ok, some of it's almost two years old, I dont remember 
exactly what it looked like to be honest, but has anyone found that 
beans will yellow slightly with age, or fade colors or what not?
On another note, even the beans that have sat around that long, while I 
pretty much know at this point they probably taste nowhere near what 
they did when brand new, they still make a very respectful cup of 
coffee.  For those who worry about longevity on a bean, rest assured it 
will still make a good cup of coffee.
any inputs?

2) From: Les
You are spot on in your assessment.  However, the sweet spot for
resting "tired" beans is much shorter.  With a good fresh bean, you
can have excellent cofffee on average from day one - fifteen.  With
the "tired" beans you need to rest at least 24 hours and try to use
them up in at the most 5-6 days.  I am enjoying some 2 year old Puro
Scuro Blend this morning.  Just like you it was one of those bags hid
in the back.
On 7/28/07, Aaron  wrote:

3) From: raymanowen
"...beans will yellow slightly with age, or fade colors or what not?"
The fix for any fading or yellowing is called a Roaster. Make them coffee
colored, then all you have to do is make small pieces out of the beans and
brew. Heliotrope would be out of spec for the color of your unroasted
I have no choice but to go through my stash on Search and Roast missions.
Still roasting 400g at a shot, almost weekly. Didn't realize I had all of
the shelves emptied of rice, beans, flour and Tupperware. Coffee is good to
have, but I was worried I had it too long and stored rongly.
No cloth or burlap, but then gunny sacks serve a completely different
purpose from the long term storage of coffee.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?

4) From: DJ Garcia
I too have been doing the same thing, and roasting 2-year old stash that
have produced highly enjoyable coffee. As you say, who knows how much =
it was but it is by no means lost!

5) From: Justin Marquez
On 7/28/07, DJ Garcia  wrote:
I am doing that too - clearing out the "stash" FIFO.  Where I am headed is
to keep on hand the fave decaf du season from SM, our fave regular Guats and
small quantities of the really fine "special stuff" that Tom gets each
season (Panama Carmen 1800+, for example)
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

6) From: DJ Garcia
Small quantities of the fine stuff??? I just ordered the max 5 lbs. of =
Panama Esmeralda Especial - Gesha Cultivar, because when it's gone, it's
gone. Which explains my 2-year old stash stuff :-)
Stashing and unstashing and stashing and ...

7) From: Larry Johnson
I've got several bags of beans that are ~2 years old and the coffee tastes
great. Is it as great as it would have been 2 years ago? To be sure, I'd
have to fire up the Wayback Machine, and my summer power bill is high enough
as it is.
On 7/28/07, Aaron  wrote:
Larry J
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.  -
Walter Bagehot

8) From: Michael I
This thread about 'old' beans makes me wonder how everyone is managing their
stashes.  I have a bit over 50# right now, but I know exactly what's in
there, what crop it was from, and when I ordered it, thanks to  DJ's
excellent Roasting DB http://isl-images.net/CoffeeRoastingDB/CRDBHome.htm)..
For those new roasters, like me, the DB (that's database, not dog bowl) has
been instructional, as it shows the burgeoning roaster what to keep track of
-- roast timings, cupping notes, inventories, rest time, etc.  I understand
that some of the long-time roasters have their own systems to track their
roasts and inventories.
So, out of curiosity, what do people use?  Spreadsheets?  Homegrown DBs?
Scrawlings in crayon on yellow sticky notes?
Also, I'd like to thank DJ for making available his application, which he
clearly has spent a tremendous amount of time on.  Although I don't use all
of the features (the profiling stuff is a bit out of scope for my HG/DB
roasts), what I do use has really enhanced the roasting experience.  So,

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