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Topic: What decaf coffee to use for espresso (when she likes Peets decaf sumatra)? (4 msgs / 98 lines)
1) From: brian lerner
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My wife loves the body and heartiness in her Peet's decaf sumatra blend
which she uses for cappucino.  I bought the SM's Decaf Espresso Donkey Blend
and she feels it doesn't have as rich a flavor as her Peet's coffee.  I have
tried roasting it until after the second crack and also after just one
crack.  She still feels the flavor is not as hearty as the Peets decaf
sumatra.  Do I want to change the time I am roasting in some way? Or do I
want to try different beans?   I notice that SM has a number of decaf green
beans.  Would you recommend any specific beans  that I could try to make her

2) From: Eddie Dove
I am not familiar with Peet's coffee.
The Sumatra Tapanuli WP Decaf is excellent.  I roasted it for a
customer (my wife's best friend) and she said that it was her favorite
decaf thus far.  I tried it myself and it was full flavored with great
You may also wish to try the Indonesian Komodo Blend.
Hope this helps ...
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
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3) From: raymanowen
I like my coffee brewed stronger than most.
I have gotten some of the best coffee shop press cups ever from Peet's on
Sheridan Blvd in Arvada, CO across from the Nobleman's Barn bookstore. I wa=
specific that I abhor dishwater coffee. The barista came across.
What I do, and what they do are probably the same thing. I don't brew a pot
of coffee with 25g of grounds and wonder. I know it would taste weakfish.
I brew steins of coffee with 25g of beans ground 10s earlier, with 18oz 202=

F water.
What don't you understand about brewing stronger? "...she feels it doesn't
have as rich a flavor as her Peet's coffee;" and "...feels the flavor is no=
as hearty as the Peets decaf sumatra."
I'm not composing a spot for Peet's, I just read what was said.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Good coffee brewed weak is just good weak coffee. Commercial Dreck is
"other"- bad coffee brewed poorly.
On 7/29/07, brian lerner  wrote:

4) From: John Moody
I second Ed's suggestion: Sumatra Tapanuli WP Decaf.  I'm drinking it right

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