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Topic: OT - MS and the Mafia ... Re: +RE: Pete's = Starbucks? (6 msgs / 83 lines)
1) From: Brett Mason
So you're in IT?  AND you fix computers?
One Microsoft product you should try is their spell checker.  You can find
it in each of the primary Microsoft Office products.
And, if you do, the thugs in *the Mafia* won't think you're talking about
someone else in *the Maffia*.
OK, so they do make a useful product!
Sippin my Java Government Estate, roasted FC+, brewed in a Melitta Clarity,
and carried to work in a commuter mug for my walking trip into work this
morning... Yum.  Or is that Yumm?  Tough to know, without a good Microsoft
Spell Checker...
On 7/28/07, Mailing Lists  wrote:

2) From: Justin Marquez
One office wag at our place asked "How much would it cost to have an IT Dept
than doesn't 'help' us?".
On 7/30/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

3) From: Leo Zick
so good marketing is mafia-esque? amusing.

4) From: Mailing Lists
On Jul 30, 2007, at 8:25 PM, Leo Zick wrote:
No issues with good marketing.  It's their business tactics that are  
mafia-like.  Read some of the antitrust documents.  Ask Compaq who  
almost lost their license to include Windows on their machines for  
hiding the IE icon and making Netscape the default browser.  Ask  
Digital Research who was slighted when MS added the check for MS-DOS  
(or PC-DOS) in Windows 3.1 and would refuse to run - when there was  
no technical reason to do so.
Or ask Apple who MS pretty much copied Quicktime for the beginnings  
of WMV.  (Also, notice that the Mac and Windows cursors are EXACTLY  
the same shape and size - Mac is black and Windows is white).
MS has one goal - to lock you into their products and make getting  
out near impossible (ask a few companies thinking of switching how  
their BSA audits are coming).  It's in their culture - Embrace,  
Extend, Extinguish.  Don't want to do business with us?  We'll sick  
the BSA/SPA after you and then sue you.
Not exactly the same as the Mafia, but darn close.

5) From: Brett Mason
Any body seen any COFFEE around here?
Yah yah, I know, it's "OT", but that doesn't help much - we'd actually like
to get back to coffee folks...
On 8/1/07, Mailing Lists  wrote:

6) From: Leo Zick
if it is, just get a RICO suit against MS. problem solved, right?

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