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1) From: Kevin
About two weeks ago I posted how my wife used my SMP to grind up
French Vanilla flavored Green Mountain coffee.  For various reasons I
was unable to roast since the end of June and we succumbed to store
bought coffee.  I have actually been drinking loose leaf tea over this
time period rather than drink the store bought coffee.  Thankfully,
this weekend I had the time to thoroughly clean the SMP.  It took me
two hours two to painstakingly disassemble the unit and scrub all the
parts with a toothbrush to remove the French Vanilla scent and
subsequently reassemble the machine.  I even disassembled the burrs
and scrubbed them.
 Thanks to the kindness of Eddie Dove, India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold
(City + in the GC) is on the coffee menu this week and was enjoyed
this morning.  Believe it or not, I was very grateful for this
experience.  Not having home-roasted coffee, the occasional Mickey D's
and *$ coffee covered with cream in sugar, and the loose leaf tea
really made helped me to appreciate how good fresh roast, and Sweet
Maria's beans really are.  After constantly drinking it, one (as lazy
as myself) may have a tendency to take coffee of this caliber for
granted and begin to wonder if the roasting process is worth the
effort.  For me, it is and I'm glad to be back in the game!

2) From: Eddie Dove
Thanks Kevin and glad to see that you are back in the game!
I still have to try that coffee at City+.
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
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3) From: Leo Zick
mysore nuggets!!!
ill avoid that one like the plague.
On 7/30/07, Kevin  wrote:

4) From: Kevin
No one likes it when their nuggets are sore but you're missing out on a
great coffee, especially if you like peanuts.  I'm a peanut junkie and the
roasted peanut notes in the City + roast of this bean are amazing.
Mysore Nuggets aside, ordered the max of the two Gesha offerings.  I just
couldn't resist after how much my family enjoyed the Esmeralda
Gesha offering from the last crop.

5) From: Leo Zick
good to know.. im probably going to order something soon, ill consider it as
dunno that a peanut espresso catches my mouth, though..outside of iced
coffee, its all ive been drinking.
On 7/31/07, Kevin  wrote:

6) From: Rick Copple
Kevin wrote:
That's why I've order 5# of those nuggets. I love Indian coffees, 
everyone I've had so far has been terrific. I think it has become my 
favorite coffee region.
And the peanut notes are what attracted me to this. I've had peanut 
coffee from a different Indian coffee before and loved it. Wonderful 
flavor, so I can't wait to sip some of this!
Today, though, I'm drinking my staple. Guat. Huehue. La Maravilla which 
is currently just over a year and a half old on the beans, and they 
still roast up great and taste great. I think I still have about 5# left 
from that 20# bag. Probably a little too much for one coffee drinker. ;)
But I'm not much into flowers and such, nor do I care as much for 
bright, so no Panamas for me. But, that's just me.
Rick Copplehttp://www.copple.us/blog/

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