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1) From: Frank Parth
We had a discussion some months ago about supertasters. These are people who have 10x more taste buds on their tongues 
than us average types. They are highly sensitive to things that most of us cannot taste.
(Did I do good in changing the subject line?)
Frank Parth

2) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
(Did I do good in changing the subject line?)
Frank Parth

3) From: Michael I
And, when we had that discussion, it was pointed out that (most)
supertasters hate the taste of coffee.

4) From: Rick Copple
Michael I wrote:
While it should be pointed out, that just because someone's taste buds 
are sensitive to that one chemical that can taste bitter while others 
don't taste it, doesn't make them supertasters. My wife is highly 
sensitive to that chemical in food, but all other flavors taste normal. 
She isn't a supertaster. There are simply some people whose DNA allows 
them to taste that chemical and others who can't. I'm one of those who 
can't, apparently.
Neither of us have ever been smokers of anything either. So I don't 
think that plays into this much, though it obviously can affect taste in 
Rick Copplehttp://www.copple.us/blog/

5) From: Brett Mason
There's a much more accurate measure for determination of Supertaster: Do
they like MY coffee?
On 7/31/07, Rick Copple  wrote:

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