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Topic: Behmor 1600 Coffee Roaster - First Impression (5 msgs / 82 lines)
1) From: Gerry
For those interested, here's a link that clearly shows in the 
inner-workings, etc.http://ineedcoffee.com/07/behmor1600/Gerry

2) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
What is the latest when this will be on the market? 
Has the new motor passed the QC? 
Is China up and running on the production yet?
I really liked what I saw a PNWG in June I can't wait to get my hands on
one I'll be using it for my smaller special order roasts 

3) From: Alchemist John
Please don't read more or less than I say in this.  Joe wants them on 
the market in time for the holidays and that appears on target.  I 
believe China has the Behmor in the schedule for that.
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John Nanci
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4) From: Floyd Lozano
I hope they don't get recalled due to the paint job ;P
On 8/1/07, Alchemist John  wrote:

5) From: Eddie Dove
That was funny!
On 8/1/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:
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