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Topic: In Iraq - HOT! (6 msgs / 122 lines)
1) From: Homeroaster
So hot coffee sounds pretty good to you in the tent with three other guys at 
125F+.  You are a true coffee drinker.
Be safe,
Ed Needham
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2) From: John Brown
i hate say this but a hot drink in the heat will cool you more 
effectively for longer than a cold one. it has to do with core body 
wayback machine coming into play here. the first two ships i was on in 
1964 had no air conditioning, the temperture in the engine room during  
summer in the area around South Viet Nam was 110 to 120 degrees F.  the 
temperture were i had to stand , my watch was 120 to 130 degrees F, but 
between the generators, the temps got to as high as 160 degrees F. we 
had cold water but we drank hot coffee by choice.  we used the cold 
water to wet our Tee Shirts
Homeroaster wrote:

3) From: Homeroaster
That sounds like a challenge for Mythbusters.
Ed Needham
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4) From: John Brown
if you raise the core body temp your body will go into overdrive to cool 
it down. and vice a versa if you cool the core body temp.
of course this may indeed be myth, it seemed to work for me.
Homeroaster wrote:

5) From: Homeroaster
It makes sense unless the heat would be so extreme that the body is already 
in full cooling mode. Then additional heat would only make things worse. 
Hey, this is not my field of expertise, so I could be wrong.
For me, a quart of cold water on a hot day cools me off fairly well.  I also 
hold the cold bottle to my wrist to cool the blood a bit as it flows through 
close to the skin.  Maybe that is superstition, but it seems like it cools 
this very hot natured guy more quickly.
Ed Needham
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6) From: Larry Johnson
Not superstition at all, Ed. A fair amount of blood flows very close to the
skin at the wrists; pressing a cold bottle there acts like an additional
heatsink. Blood does more than carry oxygen and nutrients around; it's also
a cooling system.
This is not my field of expertise either, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn
Express last night.
On 8/2/07, Homeroaster  wrote:
Larry J
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