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1) From: Devin Nickol
I see that Tom has the Bodum Santos VacPot for sale but not the "new" 
electric model.....does anyone know
if there's a reason for that? Is it stinky?
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2) From: Steve Shank
Been around for a long time. People like it. Works fine. Competes with the
Yama as a low cost great result vac pot. Yama has thicker glass and is less
delicate, but is smaller if memory serves correctly.
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On 11/08/2001 at 4:12 PM Devin Nickol wrote:
Steve Shank
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3) From: Tom & Maria
I am going to look at one when they are actually shipping them (which hasnt
happened yet.) I am a bit confused but I think that Bodum must have been
private labeling the starbucks Utopia and this is basically the same thing.
I think the features that some people see as positives for this machine
might be the downfall too. Its all abs plastic, so on the plus side you
cant break it but on the down side you are brewing in plastic. Thats not an
unequivocal bad thing, but part of going from automatic filter drip to a
vac pot is that brewing in glass has less chance to taint coffee and has
better thermal qualities during brewing. Secondly, the water temp is being
controlled by an electric element, once again a convenience but one reason
to vac brew is to aviod automation of a filter drip machine with an
electric element (that will eventually scale up, and will eventually drop
off and you would eb brewing at sub-optimal temp.
So I want to try it out but have mixed fellings about it already. But its
one of those things that, if you get it in your hands, you micht become
convinced that it overcomes all your misgivings ...
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4) From: Devin Nickol
Tom wrote:
well, yes that's what it looks like although i wasn't going to mention that :)
i did some searching of the net....there are reviews for the starbucks 
model going back to about a
year ago. it sounds like the "first edition" had some significant problems 
with the filter that they
tried to correct. i don't like the fact that the bodum site recommends you 
change the filter every
month if you are using it a lot. the replacement filters are listed at 5 
bucks each.
i would really like to get a vac pot, but i'd like one that wasn't too 
labor-intensive to use every day - so
the electric part of things seems more appealing than a spirit lamp.
one site recommended at least one run with water only to help remove the 
plastic taste, but i'm sure
it still can't compare to glass.
several of the reviews i read mentioned breaking hinges on the 
lid......some people recommended leaving
the lid loose.
yes, this is a huge concern...there's no way to adjust the brewing time and 
the heating plate is
reportedly incredibly tough to keep clean. (you can't immerse the carafe in 
water....it has wiring)
the one thing i would be interested in knowing is whether you can fit a 
cona filter into it, like you could
in the other santos model. if not, i suppose i'll just have to wind up 
buying a cona. and i'll probably set
the house on fire when i knock the lamp over some sleepy morning.
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5) From: EuropaChris
Is this a new NEW Bodum vac pot?  Reason I ask is that on a recent trip to Holland I saw several stores that carry the Bodum Santos electric pot, which is identical to the Starbucks version except for color and labeling, I think.  It's available in smoke, blue, orange, and I think clear.  It looked quite nice, but see there might be some problems with the element/pot seal at the bottom, allowing water to run into the electrics below and short the works out.
I've never tried one, but it looks nice (at least when new). Wonder how the plastic will hold up after a few hundred washings?
Tom & Maria  wrote:
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6) From: Michael Allen Smith
My is holding up well.  99% of the time I wash it out by hand though. 
 I bought mine from *$ in October 2000.  
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7) From: Fulton Martin
I bought one for work when they went on sale last spring(?). Within a 
couple of months of regular (2-3 pots a day, five days a week) use, 
radial cracks developed around the heating element and a bit of water 
started collecting in the (electric/electronic stuffed) base. I'd pull 
the gasket out and shake the water out periodically, but eventually 
something happened, and the heating element blew out (with a flash). 
Starbucks sent a replacement (whole new retail box) and I shipped the 
old one back. I give them credit for standing behind the product. But 
the new  pot looks exactly the same as the old one, so I'm not 
convinced it'll stand up any better...
It makes better coffee than (but similar in taste to) the Mr Coffee 
drip, but not as good as my Yama or the (manual) glass Bodum Santos, or 
even the SS (unbreakable!) vacuum pot I got from Food Service Direct.
Fulton Martin
San Diego, CA
N32 43.956, W117 05.874
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