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1) From: John Brown
unless they have changed their coffee from four years ago.
 it was bad, and the memory keeps me away.
Justin Marquez wrote:

2) From: Floyd Lozano
I don't recall when they went to Premium Roast - I know the local ads in the
New England market had them offering Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, an
outfit based in Vermont.  Decent coffee.http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2005/10/28/mcdonalds_brews_a_java_war/Green Mountain does not perpetrate the same crimes against caffeinity as
Starbucks.  They roast a decent bean.  They sadly do still offer the
Southern Pecans and Hazelnuts and such alongside their 'exotic' offerings
(their 'exotics' are probably among the lots that Tom turns down ;) ).
Available also in K-cups!
On 8/7/07, John Brown  wrote:

3) From: Larry Johnson
Actually, they *have* changed from 4 years ago. It's not so bad now. I put
it up (or down) there with Dunkin' Donuts and Waffle House. It's drinkable,
to me at least, when I don't have some of my own handy.
I still remember the shock of seeing the waitress at the Waffle House
grinding beans to brew a pot. Somebody in their chain of command has figured
out *that* much anyway.
On 8/7/07, John Brown  wrote:
Larry J
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.  -
Walter Bagehot

4) From: Jason
On Micky Dee's, the last cup of coffee I had there about a year ago,
still tasted like black tarish acid...  I don't eat there anymore so
if they have improved I will never know.
As for Green Mountian, I use K-cups on a regular basis when I don't
have time to make coffee in the morning.  I will say a darn impressive
roast.  I also use k-cups when I want a hazelnut or irish cream
coffee... I don't like using sweet syrups in coffee, unless I am
making an espresso drink of some sort.  I like their roasts, they
aren't as good as mine, but they are nice, and pallet able, for a
k-cup machine.
On 8/7/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:

5) From: Leo Zick
i like their 'new' blend. it doesnt taste like the typical green mountain
stuff, and they use liquid sugar in their iced coffee, something DD should
implement everywhere.  then again, NOT ONE southern or western state mcD
that ive been to seems to sell iced coffee. i never understood how if you
dont have ice, and you sell coffee, you cant just offer it!
On 8/8/07, Jason  wrote:

AS far as the food at Mcd's I have *never* eaten it. I pretty much stay out
of there anymore. While working as a police officer several years ago we
were offered their stuff at the end of their work day. Some went to
prisoners some went to officers kids, and some went to the officers. I took
II did have a cup of their coffee once...due to a relative holding a
meeting in their place...didn't finish it [the coffee that is].
When asked about the reason for my refusal to go into Mcd's I ask the
inquirer if they remember or are familiar with the shooting in San Yacindro,
CA a number of years ago. I then tell them that that incident and the food
are the only things that keep me away from McD's....
Oh, the coffee incident was before I even knew about fresh roasted...
On 8/8/07, Jason  wrote:
Start HOT and work your way Down...
Peppers AND Coffee.
(I'm the tall guy in the middle)

7) From: Leo Zick
banks get held up all the time.. i guess you dont invest money?
convenience stores are notorious for robberies.. as are grocery stores.. do
you eat?
On 8/8/07, TERRY TITSWORTH  wrote:

8) From: Woody DeCasere
sorry I'd rather have starbucks than any fast food place, they all suck, and
you never know what you are getting from one place to another, at least at
starbucks you are usually getting a consistent brew.
On 8/8/07, Leo Zick  wrote:
"And we'd better not risk another frontal assault, that rabbit's dynamite!!"http://www.decasere.blogspot.com/

9) From: Leo Zick
sorry, not true any more. as a matter of a fact, WSJ and NYT recently posted
articles about how mcD is posing a serious threat to starbucks.  sorry.
On 8/8/07, Woody DeCasere  wrote:

10) From: Justin Marquez
I don't frequent either place very much, but my most recent experiences
would indicate that McD's can give 4$ a run for "just coffee".  But that is
still one of those "damned by faint praise" situations. Not real hard to
beat ol' 4$.
But a *threat* to 4$...? Puh. From the standpoint of their demographics and
market - those DINC Yuppies wouldn't be caught DEAD hangin' out at McD's!!
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)
On 8/8/07, Leo Zick  wrote:

11) From: Leo Zick
its not so much demographics, as it is sheer size and spread across the
On 8/8/07, Justin Marquez  wrote:

12) From: Tom Gaskell
Terry wrote:
CA a number of years ago
Do you mean:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Ysidro_McDonald%27s_massacre21 dead at the hands of a single gunman.  I bet that only happens at
If you are going to use it as an excuse to be persnickety, you should
probably be familiar with it.
And no, I haven't had McDonalds' new coffee.  I have heard it is better than
their coffee from a few years ago.

13) From: Woody DeCasere
i think some of you have it so in your head that you hate *$ that you will
just find any reason to find something better, the McD coffee is still swill
period, while the *$ isnt much better, but if i am in a need and have none
of mine or a good local coffee shop (because there are some really sucky
local coffee shops) i would hit them up before any of the other options,
including fast food, dunkin or Wawa (which is a local convienience store
where people swear by the swill). Is it as good as what you roast, probably
not, but it is not the horrible dreck that people on this board tend to
think it is, after all it is not folgers, or maxwell house. I am not pro *$
by any means i am just trying to keep it real.
On 8/8/07, Tom Gaskell  wrote:
"And we'd better not risk another frontal assault, that rabbit's dynamite!!"http://www.decasere.blogspot.com/

14) From: Leo Zick
thats why we live in ah-med-e-ca.  we have choices.
some people like burnt swill, some people like regular swill.
On 8/8/07, Woody DeCasere  wrote:

15) From: Larry Johnson
Put me down for the regular swill.......
I don't *hate* *$, I just hate their coffee. The first time I had some
(several solar laps ago), I thought it was a mistake. I had heard so many
great things about them, and here they've served me burnt coffee. When I
realized it wasn't a mistake, I was immediately perplexed at how they could
have become so popular - selling burnt coffee. MInd you, this was years
before I had even heard of homeroasting. I guess I'm still puzzled at why so
many think it tastes good.
Oh; and I don't know when they actually did it, but it was just in the past
few months (less than a year, anyway) that I heard that McD's was upgrading
their brews. I tried one. It's better than it used to be. Still not as good
as DD, IMO. Why, it's not even as good as mine.
On 8/8/07, Leo Zick  wrote:
Larry J
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.  -
Walter Bagehot

16) From: Kevin
I'd wager that the majority of *$ customers load their coffee up with cream
(or some sort of dairy product) and sweeteners.  If you add enough cream and
sugar, anything will taste good.  Take yogurt for example; without the sugar
it is an acquired taste (which I do enjoy) but with the sugar and flavoring
it is more appealing.
The same goes with fried foods or anything wrapped in bacon.
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

17) From: Larry Johnson
I know what you're saying, and I believe that's the key, but I still would
prefer DD coffee w/cream/sugar to *$ w/cream/sugar. It still tastes burnt to
me. But what do I know? If I had had the opportunity to invest in *$ when
they were starting out, I would have taken one sip and left with all my
money in my pocket. So, like I say, what do I know?
OT: Actually happened; I could have bought all the Cabbage Patch Dolls (the
original hand-made ones) I could carry for $30 each at a craft fair here in
Athens. Didn't buy a one. Just a couple of years later at Christmas, people
were taking out ads in the paper offering $1500+ for the little darlings.
*smacks forehead*
On 8/8/07, Kevin  wrote:
Larry J
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.  -
Walter Bagehot

18) From: Floyd Lozano
If my only choices for coffee were Starbucks and McD's...I'd drink Diet
Coke.  No lie.  I'm straight up spoilt.
On 8/8/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:

19) From: raymanowen
"...at least at starbucks you are usually getting a consistent brew."
That's true, as far as it goes. Thanks to *$ et al., I do it my way- maybe
most people got a consistent brew after the barista pushed the button.
Clever how that works.
Thanks also to *$, they relinquished their "hard to operate" grinders. The
coffee beans only know Burrs, so the beans think I have a brand new BUFF
Maybe I could have gotten the grinder cheaper, I care not. Maybe a   will
find its way to market. Maybe the "C" on the PSC motor will lose some
capacity and need more Farads to make the motor run right. For now, it's
just beans and burrs- both good.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?
On 8/8/07, Woody DeCasere  wrote:

20) From: raymanowen
I am very suspicious of any purveyor of a coffeelike substance or other
foodstuff, the flavor of which N-E-V-E-R_C-H-A-N-G-E-S !
Real coffee changes from harvest to harvest and year to year. Blenders make
the changes invisible so your 8 O'clock never tastes like 9:30 or 6:15.
They'll really take it in the shorts when coffee farmers around the world
realize they can make more money with just a little more horticultural care
in the growing and processing of their wonderful cherries.
I've never had a McBooger except in the contiguous 48. Would I want one of
the same, same McD's in Bangkok that I avoid in Denver? Ditto *$.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?
On 8/8/07, Woody DeCasere  wrote:

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