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Topic: Follow-up reports on giant Trosser grinders? (7 msgs / 129 lines)
1) From: Brian Kamnetz
It's been a couple years since a few list members obtained the giant Trosser
hand grinders.  I would enjoy hearing  follow-up reports from all who are
regularly using giant Trossers.

2) From: Larry Johnson
I almost yelled at you for OT because at first I thought you were asking
about giant Trousers. Gotta be more observant, Larry.
On 8/8/07, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:
Larry J
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3) From: Alchemist John
Well, I have been using it every day since it came available.  I have 
not regretted it once.  I use it for daily drip and espresso.  I have 
become completely comfortable with adjusting the burrs without seeing 
them.  What more would you like to know?  Have you seen where they 
are available again?
At 09:37 8/8/2007, you wrote:
John Nanci
AlChemist at large
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4) From: Rich Adams
Although not regularly, I do use mine on road trips from KC to the Jersey 
shore and back, twice a year.  Just got back from a trip yesterday.  Works 
great.  I use it for a #6 Melitta cone on top of the carafe from one of 
those Nissan stainless presses.  Water comes from a standard stove top 
kettle I use with a butane stove.  Yields two nice sized old style stainless 
*$ travel mugs.  This was in a mini van rental.
Grind is very adjustable and I've been quite satisfied with its output.
Rich Adams

5) From: Brian Kamnetz
Thanks, John. I was hoping you would report. And thanks, Rich, for your
No, sadly, I haven't seen the giant Trossers available again. I have one,
bought it at the same time you got yours, but have continued to use my
Zasssenhaus grain mill that I have clamped to the counter in my kitchen. (I
grind only 26 gm daily, for a 6-tasse moka pot.)
But I was interested in knowing how the giant Trossers are holding up for
those who are using them. I visit friends in the midwest in the summer and
at Christmas, and on the past few trips I brought along a hand mill and a
moka pot and have made a couple converts to stovetop moka. But of course it
takes a lot more coffee than I need to grind for just myself at home, and it
is a tad tedious grinding in the small hand mills. I'm thinking of bringing
the giant Trosser next trip. (It's not the most portable, so I am surprised
to see that someone else is lugging one around, Rich.)  I have room for it
in the car and it would probably grind a lot faster. And it would be an
interesting discussion topic. (An anvil companion to Ray's silver fire
On 8/9/07, Alchemist John  wrote:

6) From: Rich Adams
Hi Brian,
I used to use an Anfim (still have it) off a 2000 watt converter connected 
to two commercial grade UPS batteries that were charged off my Land Cruisers 
high output alternator, but, sadly, the Cruiser is getting old ('85) and I 
simply have better creature comforts in a rental mini van for a 26 hour 
With the Trosser, 80 grams takes about 80 - 90 turns with the grind setting 
I found to be good for pour over drip and you don't have to empty the drawer 
halfway and refill as with a Zass.  So it should be faster.   I like the 
Zass but it was not adequate for two strong nice sized mugs w/o having to 
The Trosser is ALWAYS anchored down in the van prior to hitting the road, my 
missile (flying projectile) defense.
Rich Adams

7) From: Michael Wascher
They are? Where?!
On 8/9/07, Alchemist John  wrote:
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