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Topic: Question about Rocky's behavior (10 msgs / 151 lines)
1) From: Ross
No your Rocky is not behaving correctly.  When you adjust the grind, gently 
rock the hopper back and forth and see if it locks, if you can still turn 
it, your lock/unlock mechanism is in need of some fixing.  As Barry said, 
you will have to remove the three screws lift the hopper off and fix the 
button/spring/pin arrangement that locks the hopper.
Good Luck,

2) From: Frank Parth
So I got my Rancilio Rocky a few weeks ago. A couple of times a week, as I'm grinding, the hopper starts rotating and 
changing the grind. I've tried to make certain that it's locked in place but it still rotates occasionally. Is this 
normal behavior or just part of its charm?
Frank Parth

3) From: Barry Luterman
No it should not do that. There are 3 screws inside the hopper which attach 
the hopper to The Rocky. Are they in and tight?

4) From: Frank Parth
Yup, they're in and tight. I made sure of that when I cleaned the Rocky.

5) From: Barry Luterman
Is the carrier with the top burr screwed down tight? Also is the hopper 
firmly in one of the indents? Check the spring mechanism that press down to 
rotate the hopper to change the grind

6) From: Frank Parth
I'm thinking it's the spring mechanism that isn't catching properly. The next time I take it apart I'll look at it 
moreclosely. But I'm getting the impression that this isn't normal behavior.
Thanks for your thoughts,

7) From: miKe mcKoffee
No, it is definitely not normal behavior. Hopper should definitely be held
in place by stop pin. Never had it happen so no real obviously quick "this
is the problem". You should not be able to turn the hopper without first
pressing and holding the release. Did you possibly force it to remove the
hopper at one time bending the pin or ?
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8) From: Brett Mason
If it keeps doing what it keeps doing, then by definition, that is normal
behavior...  This will remain normal until you fix whatever is setting this
Then you can redefine "normal" to "as designed"...
Good luck,
On 8/8/07, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:

9) From: Floyd Lozano
See if there is ground coffee stuck in the little indents in which the pin
is trying to catch.  If not, see if there's a little pin any more.
These guys have the spring, but i don't see mention of the pin:http://espressoparts.com/results.cgis?catalog=&keywords=rockyAnd go figure, they have the sticker for the hopper someone mentioned
looking for a few days ago.
On 8/8/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

10) From: Frank Parth
Thanks, Ross.
I've tried rocking it back and forth a little and it doesn't move at all. But sometimes, without changing the 
grindsetting, it will start drifting off all by itself.
It's time for its weekly cleaning, so I'll poke around on the spring and the indents and make sure everything looksok.

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