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Topic: Locate Request: Seattle and Vancouver (5 msgs / 98 lines)
1) From: Larry Dorman
I will be traveling in the near future to Seattle and the surrounding
area for a number of days.  One day I'll be spending in Vancouver.
Anyone have suggestions on where to get coffee during my stay?

2) From: Branden Byers
Just having recently been in Seattle, I'd personally recommend these
locations in order of preference:
Victrola Café and Roasterie
310 E Pike St
Vivace Roasteria
901 E Denny Way
Caffe Vita
1005 E. Pike Street
1309 NE 45th St
2200 North 56th Street
I was highly impressed with Victrola. Definitely recommend trying
their Streamline Espresso blend. If you have time, check out the
public cupping offered there every Wednesday at 1pm. Zoka has a Clover
machine at their Greenlake location if that interests you. Caffe Vita
recently received their first Clover but I'm not sure when they will
begin offering it as a brew option. Also, depending on how near future
you will be traveling, there will be a Stumptown Coffee location
opening up in Seattle this Fall if I remember the time-frame
On 8/13/07, Larry Dorman  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

3) From: Jim Anable
Branden Byers wrote:
Make that two votes for Victrola.  There's a second one on top of 
Capitol Hill, north of E. Thomas St.
- Jim in Seattle

4) From: Erik Snapper
I'll also vote for Victrola for either espresso or the brewed presspot
coffee, the 15th Ave location is their first store. Vivace is great for
espresso. Zoka is also very good.
In Vancouver I've had good results with Bean Around the World (
cowboycoffee.ca) which also has excellent scones. I've only been to the West
Vancouver location but they have several others.

5) From: Larry Dorman
Thank you everyone for your input... I've made it to all but one of
the suggested locations... parking was somewhat prohibitive for that
At any rate, I would say that Vivace is in a league of it's own when
it comes to lattes.  I've had some pretty good lattes before, but
nothing that ever came close to this one.
It's rather amazing just how much bad coffee is available in
Seattle... I like to ask the different kiosks what roast and origin
their beans are... most look at me like I just spoke in tongues or
something. :)  So.. I've had some bad coffee just for the full
experience and some decent coffee as well.
Thanks again for the input...

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