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Topic: Swissgold Filer = Bad taste ?? (5 msgs / 87 lines)
1) From: Luke Eelman
Is there some special way to clean Swissgold cone filters?  Ever since
I started using one in my Presto Scand. the coffee doesn't taste so
good.  I've cleaned the machine repeatedly with no improvement.  It's
not the beans, since most of the time I brew with my french press.
I'm not positive it's the filter, but the problem seem to show up
about the time I got it.  Tomorrow I'll try using a paper filter to
make sure.

2) From: Aaron Scholten
The swissgold .vs. the paper will definately taste different as the 
paper will take out some of the oils and some of the sediment the sg 
lets through.
Try soaking the swissgold filter in the stuff you use to clean your pot 
with,  put it in a small bowl / jar etc with hot water and soak the sg a 
bit and use a soft toothbrush or scrubbie to gently swish it around to 
clean the gunk off that might have deposited in it.
I throw mine into an ultrasonic cleaner every few weeks and you'd be 
amazed how much crud comes out of them.

3) From: Erik Snapper
The mfgr doesn't mention dishwasher safety, but I've always put my
#4 swissgold on the top rack with good results. I simply do hot water rinse
on days between.
Good luck diagnosing the problem. I love the results I get with mine and
find it closer to a presspot than to a paper drip.

4) From: raymanowen
I think you ought to adjust the grind and brew time towards a press
brew- coarser than drip grind and a longer "soak" time.
Depending on your grinder, an additional paper filter might stop some
unpleasant fines from entering your brew, along with some very
pleasant oils and aromas.
I retract the additional paper filter suggestion- try using about 50%
more grounds than usual, coarser ground. Maybe the SG filter just
allows for an excessively rapid flow and truncated brew time.
Does the Scand. have a "Pause Brew" valve on it? If so, just withdraw
the carafe until the filter basket fills and shut off until it has
brewed ~90seconds or so. Then replace the carafe and hit the power
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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5) From: Luke Eelman
Thanks for all the all the suggestions.  I'm currently doing a massive
test using all the brewing methods at my disposal -- press, Presto
Scand., old 4-cup Mr. Crappy, manual pourover, Swissgold permanent,
crappy old permanent filter, paper filters -- to try to track down the
My grinder is a fairly new Kitchenaid Proline that I am still trying
to get dialed in for the different brew methods.  I'll get it nailed

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