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1) From: RK
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Welcome to the list, you will find it unique, and informative. There are =
2 blind people on the list that I can think of,  I do not know if they =
roast coffee but do now that at least one has an espresso machine.
I'm sure they will chime in and let you know.
I hope you will continue to use the list for coffee ideas and to let us =
know how you progress on the idea of home roasting.

2) From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Claus_Th=F8gersen?=
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Hi Shoshana,
I am one of these blind roasters, actually all the local meaning Danish =
people I know who roast are blind people I have talked into roasting.
I started out with the old Hearthware Precision roaster,  a simple =
roaster with  3 buttons on it one that acted like a timer and a start =
and a cool button. 
After I think 3 years with that roaster I moved up to the Hottop drum =
roaster, a really nice roaster simple to use and in many ways very =
simple to operate, as soon as you get to know the buttons on the display =
of the roaster.
In the beginning I was not like others in the US tempted to start out =
with a pop corn roaster, simpley because we here in Denmark do not have =
used pop corn machines as easily available as they seem to be in the US. =
But even if I could have started out with the pop corn machines I am not =
sure I would have done it without help from a sighted roaster. 
The same goes for the RK drum, nice idea and cheap! especially if you =
have the outdoor space for it, but there are more hands on things to =
consider especially with maybe a kilo of beans in each roast.
With the more expensive coffee roasters we will get into troubles the =
more custome programmable features that are beeing builtin the machines, =
and this is what has happened with the new Hearthware IRoast2 and some =
of the Hottop models.
But as soon as you get used to a roaster you jjust have to know the =
sound of first crack and second crack, determine the roast level you =
want, always keep a copy of Toms reviews for each bean on the computer, =
actually  part of the review is on the printed label on each bag with =
green beans, so sighted get this information, and then start to roast. =
Now comes the hard part wich is to find out how to read the reviews, and =
witch style of roasting and wich beans you prefer.

3) From: Shoshana Hathaway
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Well, since I use JAWS ...I can find the reviews (I haven't looked, but =
I'm sure they are on the SM site ...and since I live in a very tiny =
apartment, I can quite easily slip back and forth, or just read and note =
down pertinent information.  I am beginning to suspect that space is =
going to be my primary problem ...but again ...I'll find something that =
will work!
As to which beans to begin with ...ah, now *that* might be an almost =
insurmountable problem ...again, can't manage a large stash of anything =
(except yarn, sigh), however ...I'm certainly up for the challenge!  I =
know what I do and don't like ...so I'll just putter around until I get =
My blog: http://damascenasmeander.blogspot.com/

4) From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Claus_Th=F8gersen?=
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Yes all reviews for all coffees also coffees long gone are on the sm =
site. And we meaning jaws users are more lucky since each review of a =
coffee is placed in an html table so it is simple to find each review =
for the different coffees, as soon as you get used to the way the =
reviews are structured, each country has its own page with the coffees =
from the country that is currently in stock.
Since coffees come and are sold out all the time it can be easier to =
copy the reviews to a local file on the computer as soon as you order, =
because you neverknow the coffee and the review can be moved to the old =
pages a few days after.
Roasting especially with the small air rroasters does not need to take =
up much space, and because you live in the US you can order small =
quantities of beans from SM!
If I were to start with a roaster today I would seriously consider the =
Fresh roast plus 8, a simple small roaster, the worst thing about it =
seems to be the small amount it can roast 64 gramsor 2.25 ounces.
read more about it here:http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.freshroast.shtmlAnd I forgot that when you buy roasters from SM you can order the =
roaster with a sampler pack of coffee even cheaper than the usual =
samplers, wich will solve the what should I start to roast question. 
One more page that is rvery interesting is this one describing what =
happens during the roasting proces. The page is very good even without =
all the pictures of the coffee beans.http://www.sweetmarias.com/roasted.pict-guide.htmlIn short beeing blind should really not stop you from getting into =
homeroasting if it does you will miss out on a lot of fantastic coffee =
you really cannot get any other way than roasting it yourself!

5) From: Shoshana Hathaway
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Oh, not to worry!  Lack of funds might slow me down; lack of space might =
challenge me seriously ...but lack of sight?  Um, no.  I've been told =
it's possible, so that I will is pretty much a given in my mind.  Even =
if I'd been told it isn't possible ...I'd have probably read a lot, =
decided it was, and tried anyway, LOL!  I've found that there isn't much =
I can't do, once I find a few adaptations.  Now ...driving a car is =
...probably one of those few things, but if they ever really invent Kit, =
well ....
My blog: http://damascenasmeander.blogspot.com/

6) From: Robert D. Crawford
"Shoshana Hathaway"  writes:
Someone already mentioned the samplers so I wont speak on that.  I must
tell you one thing.  Though you _think_ you know what you like, and you
very well might, do not limit yourself to what preconceived notions you
have about what you like.  When I started roasting I _thought_ I liked
French and Italian roasts.  That is not the case now and there are
stories telling the same thing in the archives.  My favorite coffee is
currently Yirgacheffe roasted to a light city.  I would have never tried
this before.  I _never_ take a roast past full city plus and do this
rather rarely.
Just my advice... worth every bit what you paid for it.  
Robert D. Crawford                                     robdcraw
Your present plans will be successful.

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