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First time writer!
I got a Freshroast 8 for Christmas last year and have not looked back since=
Having moved from San Francisco to Kent, Ohio last summer, the gift was a
necessity, not a luxury.  There are two coffee shops in this college town,
believe it or not.  An "independent" one with crap for coffee, and
Starbucks, which took-over the only other coffee house, one with deep
cultural roots stretching back to the pre-riot days and which had incubated
quiet a vibrant local 'scene,' which has since disappeared....
Anyhoo, what finally brings me to write - of the so very many things that
often push me to - is to report back from my own NYC caffeine experience
from this past weekend.
I had followed the thread earlier this summer about the NYC field trip some
of you undertook, knowing I would be going there for our annual Sociology
meetings.  My only day to venture out of the Rockefeller Center area was
last Friday, when it was my turn to caretake our 2 year old (my wife is als=
a sociologist, and luckily our conference responsibilities were staggered).
Of course it was raining hard, and hot - but even with stroller and squirmy
two year old, I persisted: Navigating the subways (with CHEERFUL help from
New Yorkers lifting the stroller in and out of the stations!) and the 6
block walk to Café Grumpy turned out to be one of the best decisions I'd
ever made.
Lily was busy with a cookie the size of her head, and with entertaining the
patrons with her head-bopping to the indie music pumping out of their ipod
sound system (I've trained her well).
I started with a SO yirg latte which was HEAVEN IN A CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every single aspect of the experience was spot-on, and the lemon maltiness
of the bean was accentuated, not smothered, by the perfect amount of
perfectly prepared dairy.  YUMMM!
Lily was only half-way through her cookie, so I got back in line for a
"house" espresso.  NIRVANNA IN A CUP!!!  Intense cherry, sour orange, and
milky milk chocolate made me drink it faster than I would have liked, so it
was off for another (Lily was still working on that cookie, well, working o=
smearing the chocolate all over her face and shirt anyway).
When I returned to the table with a SO yirg espresso (to come full circle
and to become fully over-caffeinated), Lily looked at my espresso cup and
remarked "you got CUTE coffee daddee!").  Even the grumpy older woman
reading science fiction at the table (right) next to us finally cracked a
grin at that one.  
So thank you to all who made their NYC field trip public record on the list=
I only had time to try the one, but Café Grumpy sure knows their stuff.
Meanwhile, I am enjoying my home-roasting hobby, and am slowly but surely
converting at least three of my neighbors and a few colleagues into people
who can't stand 'normal' coffee.  And all this with the Fresh Roast 8!
Someday, Santa might bring me a bigger roaster.....  I suppose if they don'=
give me tenure, Kent may wind up with an in-house coffee roasting coffee
shop instead.  Even my amateur roasting kicks the pants off of what is
otherwise available here, if I do say so myself....
(Sorry for the long post!)
J. Zach Schiller, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Sociology
Kent State University, Stark

2) From: Stephen Carey
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Welcome.  I am new to all of this, but I can say that the people on 
this list are the best, as you may have experienced.  They have 
helped me produce some fine roasts in the month or so I have been here.
Keep coming back and congrats on the NY experience.
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Welcome.  I am new to all of this, but I can say that the people on
this list are the best, as you may have experienced.  They have
helped me produce some fine roasts in the month or so I have been
Keep coming back and congrats on the NY experience.

3) From: Eddie Dove
Welcome aboard and never apologize for a post about coffee, regardless
of length; we love our coffee and love to read about the experiences
of others especially when it comes to home roasting.  Keep us posted
and let us know if you get those converts!
On 8/16/07, SCHILLER, ZACH  wrote:

4) From: Larry Johnson
Welcome, Zach. That was a great post; I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I,
too, started with a Fresh Roast +8 (ok, after I figured out that the
whirly-pop was not my style), upgraded to an iRoast2, played around with a
Poppery 2, and now I do 90% of my roasting with bread machine and heat gun.
Whatever method you find that suits you best, it's all fun. Enjoy.
On 8/17/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:
Larry J
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.  -
Walter Bagehot

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another welcome from someone who started with a Fresh Roast, I have called it the gift from hell ever since.
post away guy. very enjoyable reading.
warmest regards,
---- Larry Johnson  wrote: 

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