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1) From: Jim De Hoog
Greeting oh great blenders,
I have a question for you.  A friend want=
s me to roast some coffee for his wedding this coming weekend.  I do not re=
ally have enough to do a SO.  I need to have 2 lbs in the end.  He would li=
ke something chocolaty. 
So here is what I have I my small stash: 
#1 - Mexico FTO Oaxaca
#1 - Mexico Oaxaca Plume - Don Eduardo
#1 - Braz=
il Screen-Dried Moreninha FOrmosa
#1 - Sumatra Classic Mandheling
#3 - =
Sumatra FTO Gayo-Tanah Tinggi
#2 - Kenya AA Kiambu-Kimathi
#1 - Guatema=
la Fraijanes - Finca Aqua Tibia
#1 - Sulawesi Grade One Toraja
#1 - Zim=
babwe AA Dandoni Estate
#1 - Nicaragua Placera Estate Miel
#1/2 - Tanza=
nia NgoroNgoro Convent
#1/2 - Brazil Cachoeria da Grama Yellow Bourbon
I am willing to pre or post roast blend because the Ice Bucket roaster c=
an handle 1/2 - 2 lbs.
A thought I had was equal amounts of the Sumatr=
a Classis Mandheling, Mexico FTO Oaxaca Pluma and Brazil Screen-dried Moren=
inha Formosa all at FC+.  It will be called Helen's Wedding Coffee, after t=
he bride.
Thanks for your suggestions, I'll let you know how it turns =
Jim "Ice Bucket Roaster" De Hoog

2) From: Rick Copple
Jim De Hoog wrote:
You might consider adding some of the above to that, it has a darker 
chocolate roast flavor that might be good.
Rick Copplehttp://www.rlcopple.com/

3) From: Brett Mason
 #1 - Sulawesi Grade One Toraja
#1 - Brazil Screen-Dried Moreninha FOrmosa
#1 - Mexico FTO Oaxaca
It's what I would roast - FC+...
Best wishes,
On 8/19/07, Jim De Hoog  wrote:

4) From: RK
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1- Mexico Oaxaca Plume - Don Eduardo
2- Brazil Cachoeria da Grama Yellow Bourbon
1/2 lb 
3- Sumatra Classic Mandheling
1/4 lb. 
4- Kenya AA Kiambu-Kimathi
1/4 lb 
 pre blend and roast to a true full city or just into 2nd crack let rest =
72hrs. before brewing.

5) From: Leo Zick
10% Mexico FTO Oaxaca
40% Brazil Cachoeria da Grama Yellow Bourbon
25% Guatemala Fraijanes - Finca Aqua Tibia
25% Nicaragua Placera Estate Miel
On 8/19/07, Jim De Hoog  wrote:

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