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1) From: Wes Tyler
David...thanks for organizing a fun afternoon. I always learn so much from =
you other roasters. I especially want to thank Bob & Libby Roseman and daug=
hter Debbie for the wonderful hospitality. If you guys put on that spread (=
lamb burgers, chicken-apple sausage, potato salad I don't remember the name=
 of, Belgian beer and espresso shots to name just a little) for stinky coff=
ee roasters, what would you do for polite company? We also worked a little,=
 if you call Bob's RK drum work, and did a profile roast with Doug Strait's=
 modded Pumper. We kind of melted in 97deg. heat, but a good time was had b=
y all. The day ended with a Birthday cake for "Papa Bob"! Thanks again guys=
 for your generous hospitality.
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2) From: Brian Kamnetz
Thanks for the report, Wes. It would be 7 hours round trip for me, but one
of these times I sure would like to make it to one of the Atlanta
On 8/20/07, Wes Tyler  wrote:

3) From: Aaron
Add me to that list of wishfuls as well.
I am working a new job now so hopefully have some better hours.  With 
any luck, in about a year or so ill have a place of my own an do a shin 
dig down here or at least be able to actually get a full weekend off to 
go up there for one of yours...
On behalf of those who still havent been able to make it, I wish to 
extend a thank you for your generosity for hosting the gathering for 
those who were able to make it.

4) From: Larry Johnson
I'd like to echo Wes' thanks to David, Bob, Libby, and Debbie. It was a very
nice (if blistering hot) afternoon. Wes, you summed it up very nicely; great
I was very happy to meet some fellow homeroasters face-to-face at last, and
everyone was as pleasant in person as they are online. My sympathies to
those who couldn't make it. The food prepared by Bob's daughter Debbie (a
gourmet cook extraoidinaire) was fabulous. I tried to eat enough for those
of you who missed it, but I hit the wall after the chipotle chicken burger
with heirloom tomatoes and guacamole sauce.
And it was fun to see an RK drum up close and personal (roasting 3 lbs) as
well as the technical marvel that is Doug's Pumper.
Can't wait to do it again (as soon as it cools off a tad).
On 8/20/07, Wes Tyler  wrote:
Larry J
Never give a party if you will be the most interesting person there.
  - Mickey Friedman

5) From: Shoshana Hathaway
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Atlanta gatherings?????  Ears perking up, whiskers twitching, tail =
swishing!  Hope I find out about the next one in time, and that MARTA =
will get me there!
Shoshana, who forgot to mention she is part feline, LOL.
My blog: http://damascenasmeander.blogspot.com/

6) From: John Brown
aren't most ladies part Feline?
Shoshana Hathaway wrote:

7) From: Wes Tyler
The GA HUG met today at the home of Bob & Libby Roseman. We did a lot of eating thanks to Bob, Libby and daughter Debbie. What a spread! Oh and we did some "coffee learning" too. David LaMont from Counter Culture Coffee explained and then let us participate in the fine art of coffee cupping. We cupped 3 offerings from Counter Culture and 3 from home roasters. Very educational to see how the pros do it. First time I ever tasted green tomatoes in coffee. Later we had roasting demos with a TO/BM and a Behmor. Coffee was in the form of drip from the TV, shots and capps. 
Bob, Libby and Debbie...you sure know how to make a party!
Thanks again,wes
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