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1) From: J. Zach Schiller
(thought I sent this yesterday, but never saw it in the digest so am trying
So I'm considering the upgrade from my Krups "pro aroma" drip machine (what
the heck does that even mean??  Who is anti-aroma anyway?) to the coveted
Technivorm.  Given the cost, though, I want to ensure I get what I want.  So
some questions for the lot of ya:
I like the idea of a bigger capacity, so will go with one of those.  But
glass carafe or stainless thermal carafe?  Obviously the thermal would
retain heat longer, but will it get stale and bitter in so doing?  More so
or less so than the glass one?
So I guess, pros and cons of the glass vs thermal stainless carafe is the
main question here.
Also, more generally - what, if anything, do long-time users especially like
and dislike about the Technivorm.  At this stage I am not into branching out
to other methods as my 4/4 teaching load and commute pretty much tethers me
to an automatic machine that will  make maximum volume of coffee at a time.
But having said that, I am home 2 days a week and on those days, and on the
weekends, I still go through the same volume of coffee - it just sits in the
pot longer (and with the Krups, gets nasty pretty fast).  So the only real
option seems to me to be the Technivorm, and yet that price . . . .
Thanks for your input!!!
J. Zach Schiller, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Sociology
Kent State University, Stark

2) From: Jeff Dingbaum
I love my Technivorm.  I got it maybe 4 months ago.  I'm not a hard core
coffee guy.  I
roast in a poppery 1 and grind with a whirrly grinder just before brewing.
It's sometimes
hit or miss as far as taste goes, sometimes it's good and sometimes I
accidentally hit
the sweet spot and it's fantastic.  That said, I brew to go, so I have a
thermal carafe that
I take with me to work.  The coffee lasts pretty well and sometimes I get a
taste with the last cup.  In fact, I accidentally kept the door closed on
the drain and some
of the grounds overflowed into the carafe.  I forgot and when I took the
last swig at work
it was actually a pleasant surprise.    The grounds were very sweet and
tasty, although
they were coffee grounds.  Very different taste than the overall cup.
Either that or I
just can't taste the subtle flavors.
Anyway, rambling mode off.  I like my TV.
On 8/23/07, J. Zach Schiller  wrote:

3) From: raymanowen
The "Krups "pro aroma" drip machine" means that is what you have right now.
You're right, it's just a marketing tag.
Save money and get the biggest model with the glass carafe (10cup?) and a
Swissgold or equivalent filter.
Brew a pot and dump it into a preheated airpot. That'll feep it fresh, hot
and oxygen free for hours.
Don't try to keep brewed coffee hot in any kind of open container.
Everything nasty that could happen will happen, since you'll have the heat
on and be open to oxygen. A stainless thermos is more rugged, to be sure,
but doesn't retain heat as well as a glass thermos.  (I have both types of
The TechV is very versatile- I really appreciate it.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?

4) From: W. Simon
I hate forgetting to turn on the switch that allows the coffee to flow out
of the filter basket.  You end up with a carafe with lots of grinds in it.
I was fortunate enough to have purchased another carafe, so I can pour the
coffee back through an empty swiss gold filter and filter out the grinds.
Other than that one thing, I love it!
On 8/23/07, raymanowen  wrote:

5) From: Bob
The TV is great. I use the thermal carafe and the Swiss Gold filter. The 
instructions from SM were perfect. Brews a great cup of coffee.

6) From: Les
I have the TV with the thermal carafe.  I really like it!  Steel doesn't
break like glass can.  Our pot doesn't last long enough to worry about it
going bad.
On 8/23/07, Bob  wrote:

7) From: Kevin
I love my Moccamaster CD (glass pot on a burner). I then pour off the coffee
into a glass-vacuum insulated carafe if the coffee won't be consumed within
the next 15-20 min.  I really don't think you can go wrong with any of the
TV's. If you get one with a carafe you may want to pre-heat it with hto
water prior to brewing (so the brew doesn't cool when it hits the cold
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

8) From: Kathleen Tinkel
I love the coffee I get from the Technivorm. I think it is second 
only to the hand-poured Chemex coffee I sometimes make, which 
requires more attention and time.
In some ways the TV could be better designed and/or made. It 
resembles equipment cobbled together in a chem lab, which is okay 
(watching the water boil up is actually quite entertaining), but it 
is fussy to clean compared to most commercial counter appliances. The 
outside has a ridged metal column and stepped arrangements of the 
plastic housing that can get kind of yucky.
It has a strange little plastic platform that fits the base of the TV 
and sits beneath the carafe. This keeps getting separated from the 
base, which is a minor annoyance. (I take it on faith that it does 
something useful, which may be foolish of me.)
The thermal carafe does not retain heat very well. In fact, when I 
run hot water in it to pre-heat it, it immediately feels warm on the 
outside (it should be better insulated).
I brew an amount of coffee that can be served at once, so the quality 
of the carafe is not very important. For what you need to do, I would 
recommend a dedicated thermal carafe that I could take to work with 
me, and not try to make do with TV's.
Despite all my grumbling, however, the Technivorm brews excellent 
coffee! I would never give it up.

9) From: Robert Joslin
I brew with press pot, vacuum pot and chemex for variety, but I really love
my technivorm.  The only reason I could offer for considering the thermal
carafe is that, as Les says, glass breaks.  I've done it and its about
$38.00 a pop with shipping. That would buy a bit of coffee! However, I like
glass and am very happy with my machine!  Welcome to the list and happy
brewing!    Josh
On 8/24/07, Kathleen Tinkel  wrote:

10) From: Rob Piirainen
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
                  I'm considering buying a Chemex, what would you say are
the +s  & -s of a Chemex vs a press pot. Recently I've been useing a press
pot & Aeropress, I have found that I prefer the press pot with a Zass for
single cups of coffee. I have found if I make multiple cups & put the coffee
in a thermos it's good within a hour around 2 hrs its getting skunky. I'm
thinking a Chemex might be better for putting in a thermos for later
consumption. Also interested in peoples opinions on fresh Chemex vs Press
Pot coffee, what I've read so for indicates Chemex produces an excellent if
not superior cup. I'm also interested in Vacuum Pots but am leaning towards
Chemex because they appear to be easier to clean & use. I'm too cheap to pop
for a Technoverm & don't need the quantity & ease of use.
 For Mocha cappuccino protein shakes,http://www.wellements.com/proteinrecipes.asp I do these for the protien the
Mocha improves them vastly, I'm useing a 4 tasse Brikka Mocha pot with SM
Italian Espresso Blend with good results, I doubt that it makes sence to pop
for a espresso machine for this. One of these days I may venture back into
the deep dark world of espresso machines i.e. my laPovoni is dead & isn't
worth fixing. Next thing is to go from my Poppery II to a BBQ Drum roaster
to gain control of the temperature profile.
Time to go try my 1st batch of San Jose Ocana I recieved & roasted yesterday
with the Poppery II.
Rob P.

11) From: Homeroaster
You need both a Chemex and a press pot or something similar.  Both brew 
coffee in totally different ways and each has it's own merits.
I use Chemex daily and have since 1976.  It's a clean cup of well extracted 
coffee.  A press pot brews coffee with more oils and particulates left in 
the cup.  It's also a good cup if it's brewed properly.  There's a messy 
cleanup with a press pot if you want to keep it clean.  Chemex is much 
simpler, with tossing the grounds and filter and rinsing the pot.
Press pot coffee in a thermos tastes bad faster since the brewing pretty 
much continues with all the particulates in the brew.
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"http://www.homeroaster.com*********************

12) From: Vicki Smith
Now that the Krups Moka Brewer (KMB) is available in the US again 
(though who knows for how long), I'd also suggest that pot for someone 
in the market for a very good cup of coffee who likes the kind of brew 
associated with French Press or stove top espresso. I don't have a 
Technivorm to compare it to.
If you decide to give it a go, I have a tip sheet for it here: http://coffeecrone.com/brewing/kmb.htmIf you fall in love with it, as I did, I'd suggest getting an extra 
carafe and some of the replacement seals for it as well. The pot is not 
mechanically complex, and having replacements for the few things that 
can wear out or become broken, it should last a long, long time. I've 
used my pot for three years, and we love the 40 ounces of good, strong, 
European style brew it produces.
Homeroaster wrote:

13) From: Rob Piirainen
       Thank you, logic & reason, that nails it for me.   Rob P.

14) From: Eddie Dove
I am with Josh on this one.  I love my Technivorm and I like the glass
carafe.  I too broke mine, but broke it when the next shipment of
replacement carafes were still sitting in the Netherlands which meant
waiting for about a month or so ...  I bought two carafes.
Still, a glass carafe is my personal preference and I put the coffee
in a Nissan Thermos for taking to work.
Whichever model you purchase through Sweet Maria's, make sure you get
the #4 Swissgold cone filter to go with it and some Urnex Cleancaf ...
Ben needs new shoes.
Welcome aboard and just know that reading this mailing list will be a
fascinating study in sociology.  ;-)
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/

15) From: Robert Joslin
     As Ed says, the chemex brews a clean, mild cup...no oil, no
particulates. The only cons I see (and I own two in spite of them) are:  1.
I'm older and clumsier than I used to be and the chemex is, of course, glass
and 2. heat retention is poor (I don't use supplemental heat after
brewing).  Fix enough to serve everyone one cup and them brew another pot,
because that second cup from pot number one is only gonna be warm.
(Actually I've grown to appreciate the changes in taste as coffee cools, but
most folks of my acquaintance don't seem to care for lukewarm coffee no
matter the brewing method.)
     I like press brewing too!  It is usually the only method I use when
traveling.  I wouldn't put my self in an either or situation.  You can get a
perfectly good, functional press cheap.  AND the newer machine blown chemex
pots are less expensive, and have a little more heft (thicker glass?)  Good
Luck and happy
On 8/24/07, Rob Piirainen  wrote:

16) From: Rob Piirainen
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              Thank you, I'm a old press fan, even more so with fresh roast,
& have found it doesn't keep in a thermos as long & well as I'd like. Also I
have a Aeropress & Mocha pot right now looking at the Chemex to brew larger
quantities to put in a preheated thermos right away to take with me, the
feedback indicates it will be good for that & I'm interested in having
different brewing methods to experiment with. Ultimately I'd like all the
toys to play with right now looking at the next step.
BTW this site is a great learning tool I appreciate all the posts, right now
I'm waiting for a Charbroil premium rotisserie to put together a 1 lb BBQ
drum roaster, didn't have the loot to do the RK drum system, maybe later.
Will let ya'll know how it works out hopefully in a month or so.
So far here's my brew methodology breakdown, subject to revision with more
experimentation & input:
Press Pot - Fresh drink immediately robust coffee.
Mocha Pot- Mocha for Protein drinks & if French press coffee isn't grabby
enough, i.e. If don't feel like doing a bike ride slam down a 4 tasse Mocha.
Aeropress - Traveling & camping because of ease of clean up, also good for
protein drinks. Also better than French Press if drinking Starbucks Beans,
Chemex - Brewing larger quantities for thermos, who knows may become
preferred brew. Also will likely be used for makeing coffee for guests.
Vacuum Pot - Intriguing, apparently more difficult to clean more complex,
very cool looking.
Technivom - Expensive, convenience & quantities not needed by me.
Espresso machine - Been there done that through several machines up to a
laPavoni Europicola wich I enjoyed but now has a fried base plate, too
expensive to fix. Some time in the future may pop for a Gaggia Espresso to
see if I can get it right with that just because. Don't think I enjoy
straight espresso more than I do press pot brew & not shure I want to mess
with maintenance issues, that could change. Mocha Pot is working well for
protein drinks presently.
Rob P.

17) From: Homeroaster
I use hot tapwater to rinse and pre-warm the Chemex pot, then brew and 
transfer what doesn't go into mugs into a pre-warmed thermos.  Seems to be 
plenty hot that way.
In 30 years of using Chemex, I've only had one break, and that was an 
accident caused by someone reaching over the top of the Chemex brewer to put 
a mug on a shelf and knocking the thing to the floor.  I was impressed at 
how thick the glass was.  Much thicker than what it appears at the rim. 
Close to 3/16" thick I'd say.  The cheaper "A" versions (CM-3A, CM-4A) are 
much lighter and probably much thinner.  I won't buy them.
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"http://www.homeroaster.com*********************

18) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
I've been using a Technivorm (with the stainless steel carafe) for over a
year.  It's performed terrifically during that time.  If you like drip, you
won't be disappointed with it.  Here are my only complaints (with
1.  Cleaning the inside of the carafe isn't easy.  You really need to rinse
it, put in a tiny bit of soap and water, put on the cap, shake it, dump and
rinse until clean after every use.  Have yet to find a bottle brush that
will fit through the top.
2.  No timer.  I like coffee as soon as I'm up.  A little investment in a
good appliance timer takes care of it.  I got a digital one that can be set
for different times during the week and weekends.  Just plug the TV into it
and you've got a timer for autobrewed coffee.
Good luck and enjoy.
My coffee is better than it tastes
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