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Topic: MISTY VALLEY TRADITION OFFERING WINNER - Brandon Kolbe (5 msgs / 97 lines)
1) From: Larry Johnson
Brandon Kolbe is the proud (I should hope) new owner of 3 # of Ethiopia
Organic Idido Misty Valley greens.
There were 29 entries in all, the names of which were written on identical
squares of paper, folded, and deposited into a relatively cool hat. The hat
was shaken to redistribute the papers, then my totally impartial daughter,
Megan (she insisted on a mention), looking away from the hat, drew Brandon's
name. Whereupon she asked if I knew if Brandon was cute. I assured her I did
not, but that he was undoubtedly cool as he roasted coffee and was a proven
winner (as of that moment). She appeared doubtful.
Be that as it may, Brandon, I need your snail-mail addy and your preferences
concerning shipping. If your preferences start to run into real money, we
may have to negotiate something.
Thanks to everyone who participated; this was fun, actually. Sorry you
couldn't all win.
Larry J

2) From: Brandon Kolbe
Hello All,
     First off, I would like to thank Larry for these wonderful beans.  I
have never had this particular one and was extremely excited when I found
out I won!!!  My family must have thought I was crazy because I would be
walking around saying "I won, I won!!!!"  The mailman left the package on my
porch on Saturday without me realizing it.  I found them Monday morning.  I
was so excited to get these beans I should have thought of checking more
often.  Anyway, I roasted up a couple of batches.  The first batch I roasted
with a West Bend Poppery.  The second batch I roasted with the HG/DB.  I was
intending on roasting to City/City+ but it seems I actually roasted more
into FC ( that's what I get for roasting too late at night ).
     As the coffee rested I had to try it at different points to discover
how the flavor was developing.  I tried a cup after about 8 hours.  It was
very smooth with some bright notes but the flavor wasn't very well developed
yet.  After 1 1/2 days the flavor was definitely more developed with the
tobacco and some dark chocolate, as Tom talks about in his review.  Today it
had an earthy quality like a maduro cigar with some nice brightness in the
background.  It definitely seemed to have a cleaner flavor than some other
Ethiopians I have had.  Unfortunately, it has been a long time since I have
had a Yirgacheffe to compare this one to.  I will be roasting some in the
future and paying particular attention to achieve the coveted City roast
that I want for this bean.  I really want to experience the bright floral
and fruity cup that Tom talks about.  Speaking of cigars, I am sure this
coffee would go very well with a good cigar such as a Rocky Patel Edge or a
Partagas Black.  mmmmmmmmm, yummy.
Happy Roasting,
On 9/3/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:
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3) From: Larry Johnson
Sounds to me like you're having fun, Brandon. Good. That was what I hoped
for when I offered the tradition; that someone would win who could really
get maximum pleasure from the. Glad to hear it's going well. Keep us posted.
On 9/13/07, Brandon Kolbe  wrote:
Larry J

4) From: Brandon Kolbe
Well, I had some Misty Valley today which I brewed in my aeropress.  I
ground it much finer than I usually do.  Usually I grind it similar to
drip.  This time I ground it much finer.  I tasted the flavors of fruit
loops but with a deeper tone.  Similar to the difference between regular
cherries and black cherries ( if that makes sense ).  I have to say, "WOW".
I will have to play with the grind for each coffee to find the optimum
grind.  That way I can get the full experience of each coffee.
Happy Roasting,
On 9/16/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:

5) From: Larry Johnson
I like a fairly fine grind with the AP, but you're right to play around and
find what works best for you. Fruit Loops, eh? I think I know what you mean.
I had it this morning myself (brewed in a French press) and thought of
blueberries and blackberries mixed together.
Keep having fun and keep us posted.
On 9/19/07, Brandon Kolbe  wrote:
Larry J

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