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Topic: Zass or non-Zass Turkish Grinder Help (6 msgs / 137 lines)
1) From: Eddie Dove
Hey folks,
I got the message below from a friend and with all the other
conversations going on about the turkish mills, I thought one of you
veterans might be able to help because I don't have a clue about these
mills.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
"So kind of you both....Either I am doing something completely wrong
or I do not have a Zass grinder.  As Brett suggested about the 4
pieces, there is 2 hoppers, one for the beans and one for the grinds.
I just don't have the bottom one or if I do the whole thing has to be
taken apart in order to empty it which leads me again to the two
screws on each side, as far as I can tell they have to be unscrewed
and removed and then realigned and put back in each time you grind.
So, in order to check on how much you have ground you have to dump all
the unground beans, take the whole mechanism apart, empty the grinds
and then put it back together again to continue grinding.  Oh, I just
read my attitude in the above, please I am sorry, it is not your fault
I can't seem to get this.  Possibly it is this complicated and too
much for me to deal with on a regular basis.  I have been in touch
with the vendor and they assure me there is a button I press that
loosens the bottom half where the grinds are.  So much for technical
assistance, there IS NO BUTTON!! just 2 screws and little ones that
require a screw driver to remove.
I was up fooling with it last night so I am quite frustrated now, so
please forgive me for my ungratefulness.  I do appreciate your
responses and hope you can continue to help me figure this out."
Thanks again folks.
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2) From: Barry Luterman
Can he send a picture? It is difficult to figure out what he is talking 

3) From: Eddie Dove
Thanks Barry.  I shall ask ...
On 9/8/07, Barry Luterman  wrote:

4) From: miKe mcKoffee
It's not "that" difficult to grind with a Zass' Turkish grinder. First let's
refer to a picture: http://www.sweetmarias.com/zassenhaus/zas.turkish.4parts.jpgFrom left to right is the grinds catcher, mainbody, top cover and handle.
Beans go in the top, then put on cover, then slid on handle. The only reason
to ever need to unscrew the two screws would be to remove the burr assembly
for thorough cleaning. (Versus Grindz or Minute Rice cleaning)
If no bottom then when grinding the ground beans should simply fall out from
the bottom of the main body. It's possible the bottom section is jammed on
or it's not a Zass' and some other weird design. But every Turkish grinder
I've seen has a bottom grinds catcher section and the grind simply falls
from the main body...
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5) From: Barbara Wilson
When I got my turkish Zass, I could not for the life of me take the 
bottom off.  I too was wondering if it came off with the screws as it 
was really jammed on there. Finally I asked my big strong macho 
(mechanic) husband if he could get it off and it came right off. I put a 
dab of olive oil around the outside of the casing where the  two parts 
come together and have not had any trouble since.
miKe mcKoffee wrote:

6) From: Eddie Dove
Thanks for all of the help folks!  As it would happen and after
receiving the feedback, a muscular gentleman happened by and got the
thing apart.
Thanks again, everyone!
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