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Topic: Vacuum brewer ? (6 msgs / 102 lines)
1) From: David
I found an old Cory vacuum brewer at an antique store
for $50, it appeared to have all the pieces, question
I have is that a good price and do the old ones use a
filter of some type or does the glass rod act as one. 
Any info on the Yama or Bodum Santos would be
appreciated, if anyone is in the Seattle area and
knows where to find a vacuum brewer, please let me
Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile search 
that gives answers, not web links. http://mobile.yahoo.com/mobileweb/onesearch?referNXIC

2) From: Jim Gundlach
I got mine a couple of years ago for $17.50.  If it had absolutely  
new rubber gasket and was a special one, I'd say this is a bit high.
      pecan jim
On Sep 8, 2007, at 9:09 PM, David wrote:

3) From: Barry Luterman
50 seems a lot. a new Bodum is about the same price. The glass rod is the 
filter. However, the Hario filter works better. The key thing on it is the 
rubber gasket. If it is too hard and brittle you won't be able to get a seal 
and it can be tough to find a replacement.

4) From: Michael Wascher
I got one from EBay a couple years ago, several folks suggested Food Service
Direct. I've attached a post from Brett with a link to a source of gaskets &
installation instructions.
The gasket fit my Cory perfectly. I split the old gasket with a utility
knife & was able to break it off in a couple of pieces. I scraped off the
bigger chunks that were still stuck to the glass.
I found the minimum shipping for Food Service Direct to be high. We browsed
the site for other stuff we could use that we could use, ended up buying a
case of soap too.
On 9/8/07, David  wrote:
"Everything is in a state of flux, including the status quo." -- Robert

5) From: Angelo
I would say that $50 is a bit high. You are not buying it for its 
"antique" status, are you? If you're getting it to use it, you're 
better off buying new.
You might have to go through the song and dance as outlined by others 
here. You could just get a Hario or a Yama, brand new, and be done with it...

6) From: Brett Mason
I am having trouble locating these anymore - but would like to pick up
some...  If anyone finds these from any source, please post here - let me
On 9/9/07, Michael Wascher  wrote:

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