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Well it's been about two weeks, and I've weaned myself off of decaf.  Yes, decaf.  I shunned regular for so long because of the side effects I experienced.  The two worst were the "low" I hit several hours after it wore off, and my "sensitivity to frustration".  More caffeine just lowered my frustration tolerance and fried my energy level.
BUT, then came this list-someone shared a study about how caffeine tolerance works, and that's why some people can drink regular right before bed and still sleep.  I realized my problem was I didn't have a CONSISTENT flow of  caffeine.  I committed myself to drinking regular every day in the morning (like that was a hard commitment).  I started out with a small cup at first, then worked my way up.  I have developed tolerance, and feel none of the side effects I used to.  My world is now opened up to many more fine beans!
Of course, I can stop anytime I want to.

2) From: Linda Ferguson
Yeah, but who wants to.
Linda in Lakeside, Oregon
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---- Linda Ferguson  wrote: 

4) From: Derek Bradford
Hi Tim,
I posted that study.  I never imagined it might lead to this.
Congratulations...I think this is great news.  Enjoy!
On 9/13/07, thirddayhomeroaster
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5) From: Robert Gulley
Do you remember by chance when you posted that study? I would like to 
search the archives for it.
At 10:36 PM 9/12/2007, you wrote:

6) From: Derek Bradford
Hi Robert,
Here's a copy of the text in the original email:
For any of you out there who can drink a cup of coffee just before
bed, this may shed some light on your ability.  There was a time when
I did this daily, but I don't drink so much coffee anymore.  Now there
may be an explanation.
The whole article is here:http://www.acnp.org/G4/GN401000165/CH161.htmlThe pertinent bit is pasted below:
Tolerance to Caffeine Sleep Disruption
Unambiguous evidence for the development of tolerance to caffeine
sleep-disrupting effects is also quite recent. Although Colton et al.
(21) showed that heavy coffee drinkers were less sensitive to the
sleep-disturbing effects of caffeine than light coffee drinkers, the
study design did not allow differentiation of tolerance from other
preexisting differences between these self-selected subject
populations. Two recent studies provided direct experimental evidence
for caffeine tolerance to sleep disruption by demonstrating decreases
in caffeine-induced disruption of objective measures of sleep after
caffeine dosing of 250 mg b.i.d. for 2 days (111) or 400 mg t.i.d. for
7 days (8). By day 7 in the latter study, a number of sleep measures
(e.g., total sleep time, sleep efficiency, number of awakenings) were
no longer different from baseline, suggesting the development of
complete tolerance at these doses.
On 9/13/07, Robert Gulley <2bopen4all> wrote:
Every path but your own is the path of fate.  --Thoreauhttp://www.novernae.com --Home of the wandering sloth

7) From: Robert Gulley
Thanks, Derek!
I am one of those guys who can drink coffee before bed - actually 
helps me get to sleep sometimes. My wife on the other hand, has to 
have decaf after 6 p.m.
I look forward to reading it.
At 11:20 PM 9/12/2007, you wrote:

8) From: Robert Joslin
     Before I retired, the criterion I always used to judge when I needed to
forego the caffeine was when my runs of PVCs grew longer than 20
seconds:-)                        Josh
On 9/12/07, Robert Gulley <2bopen4all> wrote:

9) From: raymanowen
What "...'low' I hit several hours after it wore off..."? So don't let it
wear off! Actually, I don't know what there is to wear off. I am keenly
aware of the flavors I can coax out of coffee by the different ways I roast
and brew it. It all has to do with temperature and time.
Just like table salt, if you use it- it doesn't do more than accent food
flavors. (I like fresh ground black pepper- grind a few grams in a blender
and seal it in a baby food jar. Beats every pepper mill we've had.)
I just recently realized the Vietnamese highland green coffee has a huge
response to being roasted and brewed at lower temperatures. First I roasted
a little 350g  batch just to the edge of 2nd Crack.
It was cold in a few seconds- not just cool enough to touch in a couple of
seconds, but COLD when I touched them as soon as I had dumped them in the
colander and set down the hot bread machine pan after I cooled it with a
pass through the blower's air blast. 12sec maybe. Rapid cooling and stopping
the roast before most of the beans have progressed into 2nd Crack is my
normal end point.
The Vietnamese beans said "Thank you!" in a big way. This was the second
morning my Celtic Critic asked me to brew some of the exquisite complex
Vietnamese coffee. At a slightly reduced temperature- 165 - 180 F max it
gives a delightful flavor. It's pleasant coffee with intriguing coconut and
spice hints- and this is the Same Bean lot that came up "Eau de Dragstrip"
in the past!
Pouring between bowls and colanders only worked when the temperature was
below freezing when I roasted out back. At 13 degrees F, I used a popper in
a gutted microwave cabinet. Little hassle but it worked fine with some
Guatemala Antigua and Panama CE 1.7 - 1.8km!
WYSIWYG, if you cool fast enough! If you take time to decide to stop, dump
the beans and "let them cool down," the extra time put the roast in the next
county, whether you wanted it or not.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
On 9/12/07, thirddayhomeroaster 
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