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Topic: finally cleaned the Rocky (5 msgs / 96 lines)
1) From: Robert D. Crawford
I have been putting off cleaning my Rocky for a while now.  I ran rice
through it, but I have never removed the top burr and cleaned it
thoroughly.  I was a bit afraid... I paid a lot of money for this
grinder and, although I was pretty handy with tools in my sighted days I
am not really allowed to do much in the way of mechanics nowadays.  
For those of you worried about taking your grinder apart,
don't... worry, that is.  Disassembly was a real breeze and, after
taking it apart, it makes all the sense in the world going back
together.  You can also remove the finger guard, if you are so inclined,
so that you don't get beans stuck in the screw holes.  Just remember to
keep your fingers out of there.
Not sure if all Rockys have this, but there was a screw, .5-.75 inches
in length, screwed into the bottom of the hopper.  It was bent, not sure
why.  I assume this was a stop of some sorts to prevent someone from
touching the burrs.  I did not replace it.  I am the only one who uses
the grinder and, from what I understand, lightly touching the burrs
together won't do them damage... immediately, anyway.
Thanks for listening.  Now back to your regular programming already in
Robert D. Crawford                                     robdcraw
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2) From: Larry Dorman
Is that the screw that provides the positive grind stops and which
keeps the grind from drifting during use?  If your hopper will now
move freely without pressing the release button then this would be the
one... otherwise - wonder what?
On 9/15/07, Robert D. Crawford  wrote:

3) From: Robert D. Crawford
"Larry Dorman"  writes:
Not the one.  The button still has to be pressed to change the grind
Me too.  It doesn't seem to be having any bad effects, so I am not
worried about it.  Actually, it didn't look like a factory part, and I
got the grinder slightly used from SM, so the only thing I can think of
it maybe being was a stop for making sure no one moved the grind setting
lower than 0.
Robert D. Crawford                                     robdcraw
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4) From: Frank Parth
My new Rocky has one and I was wondering what it was for.
Mine has a problem right out of the box. It drifts during grinding. Except for one setting around 40 where it seemsto 
hold, every other setting starts drifting after a few seconds. Very frustrating. I need to see if a repair is covered 
under warranty.
Frank Parth

5) From: Floyd Lozano
I'm wondering if maybe the hopper wasn't screwed down properly - if it sits
too high, the little stop will not engage and the thing will drift.  Might
want to check that out.  Does the release spring back against the bottom of
the hopper, where the dimples are in which it engages?
On 9/21/07, Frank Parth  wrote:

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