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Topic: Salter Scale Interference (5 msgs / 96 lines)
1) From: Homeroaster
I had an interesting experience last evening while I was bagging 5 pounds of 
my homeroast to take over to the pub.
I was talking on my cell phone and trying to bag at the same time, but the 
scale was going schizo on me, flipping all around and never settling on a 
weight.  I thought, oh, no, here goes another fifty bucks down the drain.  I 
even took all the weights off the scale and what should be zero was all over 
the place.  I got impatient and told my friend I needed to go and ended the 
cell phone call.  Immediately, the scale settled to zero!  Hmmmm...microwave 
interference?  I called him back and as the phone was ringing the scale 
numbers were jumping all over the place.  Definitely microwave interference.
I was glad I didn't have to buy a new scale, but it's things like this that 
make me wonder how those microwaves affect my head, even at a closer range. 
Makes one think.  And maybe the FAA has a point about cell phones on a 
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"http://www.homeroaster.com*********************

2) From: Homeroaster
I didn't make this OT because this particular scale is something Tom sells 
(that's where I bought it!) and many of us use them to weigh our green and 
roasted beans.http://www.sweetmarias.com/SalterScalenew.jpg*********************
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"http://www.homeroaster.com*********************

3) From: Larry Johnson
When I'm using my cell phone in the kitchen, it puts noise into the speaker
of my under-the-cabinet radio/CD player, even when the radio is turned off.
And I can tell if a call is coming in when I'm in the kitchen because the
radio starts making the noise in little "Morse code-like" bursts. It also
screws up my iPod if it's close enough. Even when the cell phone is not in
use, it's communicating with the nearest tower.
Not that I think there's any harm in that; just sayin'....
On 9/21/07, Homeroaster  wrote:
Larry J

4) From: Lynne Biziewski
Personally, I think that old Twilight Zone episode where the (evil)
household appliances took over the house was quite prophetic...
On 9/21/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:

5) From: raymanowen
"...maybe the FAA has a point about cell phones on a plane."
Do you think? The guy in the front seat is depending on navigation
aids, radar and communications equipment. My older brother used to fly
for American, and said "Sometimes, you're only a passenger," when I
asked about the DC-10 that lost an engine on take off.
"With 50,000 pounds of unbalanced thrust, you couldn't get off the
ground, could you?"
"Oh, yeah- something else had to happen-"
On four simulator check rides, he got the same or similar catastrophic
failures on take off, kept it in the air and landed safely.
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
Any flight you can walk away from was a good one...
On 9/19/07, Homeroaster  wrote:

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