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1) From: Jeff Anderson
I'm using SM's vacuum bags to store my freshly roasted beans. I've been 
reusing them, and oils are building up inside them. Does these oils have 
a detrimental effect on newly roasted beans? If so, should I clean them 
occasionally with Urnex Tabz or some other method? Maybe I'm being 
miserly, but I figure the less I spend on bags, the more I can spend on 

2) From: Rich
Try Mason jars, they are cheap and do not have holes poked in them.  Also, they are dish washer safe.
On Thu, 20 Sep 2007 07:59:49 -0400, Jeff Anderson wrote:

3) From: Lynne Biziewski
Jeff, I agree with Rich about the mason jars - I reuse the bags the greens
come in
for other things - I find all sorts of uses for them (I'm quite miserly
On 9/20/07, Jeff Anderson  wrote:

4) From: Rick Copple
Jeff Anderson wrote:
If you are referring to the bags with the de-gassing valve built in, 
what I usually do between roast is to wipe it out with a paper towel. 
That gets the majority of the stuff out, and haven't noticed any 
"contamination" from one bean to the other.
Rick Copplehttp://www.rlcopple.com/

5) From: MichaelB
The bags can be reused dozens of times - until they develop cracks or
leaks or get too ratty looking. I wash them out with detergent after every
use, rinse well, and store between uses with paper napkin or paper towel
inside to ensure insides are dry and odor free.
On 9/20/07, Jeff Anderson  wrote:

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