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Topic: ziggy cartoon (9 msgs / 138 lines)
1) From: Robert Gulley
Thought you all would enjoy this - makes a point about *$http://www.gocomics.com/ziggy/RG

2) From: gin
that is great RG, thanks for the early am laugh!!
---- Robert Gulley <2bopen4all> wrote: 

3) From: Bob
My nephew in Seattle said he needed to be more specific [grin]

4) From: Rick Copple
Robert Gulley wrote:
Funny, especially since there is a spot in Austin where two Char$ are 
about three or four blocks apart. Crazy or bad planning.
Rick Copple

5) From: Lynne Biziewski
 Lewis Black has a skit where he includes this - talks about a Char$
across the street from another. Very funny..
On 9/22/07, Rick Copple  wrote:
There is nothing more powerful than the Spirit of a Woman who has lost
everything and then learned to reclaim it all.

6) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
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it is the end of the world!
if I remember correctly

7) From: Michael Wascher
There's a spot in NYC where one is on the corner ... the other is next door
to the shop on the diagonal corner. And, IIRC the grocery on a third corner
is selling *$$ now too!
The little restaurant on the 4th corner, a breakfast/lunch place, makes a
point of its generic, inexpensive coffee.
On 9/22/07, Rick Copple  wrote:
"Everything is in a state of flux, including the status quo." -- Robert

8) From: Larry Johnson
It's like Waffle House, the 24/7 diner-type franchise (mostly here in the
south). I can take you to several interchanges on I-75, I-20, I-85 where
there is a Waffle House on each side of the interstate.
On 9/22/07, Michael Wascher  wrote:
Larry J

9) From: Marc Tooley
On Saturday 22 September 2007, Rick Copple wrote:
They do this on purpose. There's a link that partially explains it here:http://www.pickyguide.com/features/bucking_the_starbucks_experience_feature.htmlI found it quite amusing to see this author bash S$. Impressive, though 
some of it smacks of exaggeration and I'm far too disinterested to 
actually fact-check an article like this. :)
Anyway, fun read.

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