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Topic: You meet the Nicest people on this list.... Kudos to Jerry Procopio (7 msgs / 187 lines)
1) From: GJTreehouse
I rarely post, mostly lurk. Several weeks ago I saw a post or two about drum
roasting and some peoples experiences. One of the posters was Jerry
I have been having trouble getting my roasts even and consistent so I
emailed Jerry off line.
Turns out he lives near Virginia Beach and we were planning a trip there to
see our daughter. Jerry offered to demonstrate how he does drum roasting so
I spent several hours with him and his wife. What a great experience!
Not only did he show me some techniques to improve my roasting, but he also
roasted up some of his special blend for me, Also gave me the secret recipe.
I shared some of my Nic COE to roast then the fun really started.
Jerry asked me if I would like an espresso and since I have not had a home
roasted espresso before, I said sure. Jerry made one with the beans we had
just roasted, his secret blend, WOW was it good!
Next he says, would you like a cappuccino and I said sure. Double WOW, the
absolute best Cap I have ever tasted. Do you like chocolate he says, I roast
that too. So I am given some samples for the long car ride home the next
I would not have had this experience if it had not been for this list and
people like Jerry. I know there are many of you out there. Thanks for all
you do and sharing your experiences with others.
And Jerry, of course, Thank You!
PS I am now looking for a good espresso machine and an electric burr
grinder. Thanks Jerry!!

2) From: Barry Luterman
Visiting one of us can get expensive.

3) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
Sorry I missed it Java Jerry gave me the into as well I live in the area
Alas I am once again out to sea!
"It is by Caffeine alone that I set my mind in motion
It is by the beans of Java, that my thoguhts aquire speed
the hands acquire shakes; the shakes become a warning
It is by Caffeine alone that I set my mind in motion"

4) From: Eddie Dove
Thank you for sharing that!  You are correct that you can meet some of
the nicest people on this list.
Many, many kudos to Jerry!
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/On 9/24/07, GJTreehouse  wrote:

5) From: Jerry Procopio
Wow Gary - you're far too kind.  Thanks for visiting and special thanks 
for the Nicaragua COE - it is some kind of wonderful.  We enjoyed having 
you visit, enjoyed sharing, and of course enjoyed doing the RK Drum demo 
roasts (and getting a caffeine buzz afterwards).
As far as the espresso, it was the first time I had ever pulled shots 
using non rested beans.  I was surprised myself how nice it was.  And 
yes, that blend does make a nice cappo.  By the way, it isn't secret 
(it's been stolen at least once) - I have the blend recipe posted in 
plain view on the door to my paint locker in the garage (50% Guat 
Antigua, 20% Sulawesi, 10% Kenya AA, 10% Yirgacheffe, 10% Harrar).  I 
think the blend brings out the best characteristics of each of the 
individual coffees in a subtle sort of way and blended together makes a 
pleasant cup of Joe.
Don't forget your way when you get back up in this area.  You are 
welcome any time.
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake VA.
GJTreehouse wrote:

6) From: stereoplegic
sounds like a very nice blend. i too love to combine multiple Africans 
(esp DP Ethiopians) for the high notes. i'd probably use a DP Brazil in 
place of or in addition to the Guat Base for better crema production 
(unless the Sulawesi is DP, but probably even then).
Jerry Procopio wrote:

7) From: Joseph Robertson
I'm new to making espresso. In fact I'm new to Specialty Coffee. We just got
our first machine, a Gaggia Baby. I found a refurbished machine on ebay. So
far we are very happy with it. I couldn't get the grind right with my Zass
or Dienes hand grinder so we got lucky and found a used 1996 La San Marco
big boy. Some will say way over kill but what a difference. "I'm just
calling it big boy because it dwarfs my hand grinder".  Only took 15 minutes
to get the right grind dialed in. Shots are 30/30 and smooth. Match up a
good burr grinder with what ever espresso machine you go with and you should
be fine.
Let us know how your hunt goes Gary.
Best Regards,
On 9/24/07, GJTreehouse  wrote:

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