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1) From: Brett Mason
Last night I created Brett's Burlap Blend!
  Roasted and rested 8 hours, now it's in the drip brewer... and shortly, in
I roasted about 3lb, carefully planned by emptying the remainder of three
burlap bags, precisely as follows:
  El Salvador- The Juan Francisco Project - some amount
  Colombia Cauca Organic -La Esperanza - some amount again, but different
from prior some amount
  Brazil Fazenda Brauna Flatbean - third iteration of some amount
I can smell the nutty Brazil, and the fruity Juan Francisco...  The round
taste of the Cauca is not yet apparent, but then I can only smell what I
OK so it's brewed - time for a cup!  Oh Yumm!
Full City, but not plus, in my drum.  Roasted on HIGH HEAT last night,
working to avoid baking, and trying to bring out the bright - I nailed
it....  As the temperature was eerily descending I heard the faintest snaps
of 2nd crack...
  Time to refill the Propane...
Sipping in my Air Force Academy mug - all week.
  This Saturday - Go Air Force, Sink Navy... Sat Sep 28 1300
  Who supports Dennis True, one of my heroes!  But I still have to root for
Air Force...http://homeroast.freeservers.com

2) From: Brett Mason
Five minutes later - the chocolate is there - this is amazingly tasty...
On 9/25/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

3) From: Les
I have one of those coming soon!  However today I am enjoying the best cup
of Idido Misty Valley ever.  I do it with a little guilt however.  I simply
nailed this roast.  I could tell as I went thruogh the progression of the
roast everything was working and when I dumped it in the cooler it was that
perfect color.  However, this batch was roasted for my daughter and
son-in-law.  I guess the Columbian they are getting is good too, and they
will never know the difference.  I have 4 more roasts of Idido before I am
out and I finally have it nailed.  More and more I am leaning toward your
idea of working with one coffee more and getting the profile just right.
On 9/25/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

4) From: scott miller
I have one of those odds 'n ends blend bags also. It's always different ...
usually pretty darn good, too.
On 9/25/07, Les  wrote:

5) From: John Brown
i roasted last night early  got and ground this morning.  the roast had 
a great fragrance, chocolate.  but with the brewed coffee it and the 
taste was  gone.  you could taste the roasted but not much else.
Brett Mason wrote:

6) From: Brett Mason
I must say, after 4 days, this is an incredible coffee...
Drat - never going to be able to repeat this blend.... happens every time!
On 9/25/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

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