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1) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
i am sorta eager to get comments from anyone who has been brave 
enough to try this lot. It's one of the most bewildering coffees i 
have ever tried. if you don't know what i am referring to, check the 
weblog or the review...http://www.sweetmarias.com/weblog/?pudid any list people opt in on the anohki yet?
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2) From: Doug Boutell
It arrived yesterday and I  will roast tonight and let you know.
I am finishing  the last of Panama lot#2 Mama Cata Gesha
which was excellent.
Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee wrote:

3) From: Floyd Lozano
I was actually frightened by the review, and would have still gone for it,
but i had just put this awesome turkish grinder in my basket (cough cough)
and didn't want to exceed the $100 discretionary spending limit at which I
would have to get wifely approval.  So I am going safe with the orange
bourbon and the tree dried indian for now.  If there's still some when the
new Ethiopians hit, then I will definitely hit it.  Until the next order!
On 9/25/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

4) From: Rick Copple
Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee wrote:
I have some on the way, traveling across the country as we speak. 
Suppose to get here Friday. I'm eager to give it a go. Will share my 
impressions when I get a chance.
I'm tempted to roast some up and take it to church, and see what 
reactions I get there.  I know, I'm evil that way.
But, yea, I guess I qualify for my own coffee snob joke, since I'm eager 
to try this one. :)
Rick Copplehttp://www.rlcopple.com/

5) From: Edward Bourgeois
Tom I ordered a lb of it and one of the tree dried too. Will roast to city
+ish. Since I will just have a lb what's your thoughts on rest time? Ed
On 9/25/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:

6) From: Les
Mine should be here today.  It will be in the roaster about 10 minutes after
Brown drops it off!  I may do an AreoPress 10 minutes after cooling, but for
sure will have some in the AM tomorrow.  I'll let you know what I think.
On 9/25/07, Edward Bourgeois  wrote:

7) From: Larry Johnson
Mine's on it's way via UPS. We'll see....
On 9/25/07, Les  wrote:
Larry J

8) From: DJ Garcia
My order just came in today, I'll roast some this week-end ...

9) From: Aaron
It was an odd coffee indeed.
My notes.
The Green beans smelled pretty good, a bit fruity with a hint of rasin 
or prune.
1st crack, and right before, where normally you'd have the straw then 
nutty smell, this was more of a fruitish or off smell... not bad just 
different...kind of like a hint of potpourri... normally the fruit 
smells in the beans I dont notice much during the roast....
as the crack proceeded the smell as it ended first and headed into 
second generally is a darker smokier more pungent smell or some may say 
sharp and acrid.  Not with this one, it never did pick up the 'bite' of 
second crack looming and stayed fruity ish... kind of turned oh wow the 
word... like syrupy???  almost reminded me of those fruit cakes you get 
for christmas that taste horrid and have that deep god only knows what 
they did to it... fruity smell.  almost a cloying smell.
The beans took a while to finally darken, and were well into first crack 
before they really started browning.  The roast was pretty uneven until 
right at the end where it evened out a bit.  I stopped the roast right 
at the hint of second.   First crack lingered and wasn't a 'it's here' 
thing... it'd crack for a few seconds, then go quiet for 5 or 10.. then 
another round of cracks... then quiet, then you'd hear some snaps and 
think wow second already, but the beans are still yellowish.. then 
snap!! first would hit again....
After roasting the beans smelled umm.. well.. not entirely pleasant. but 
that is NOT necessarily a bad thing!!  I have had beans that after 
roasting had an almost urine scent to them and I went. oh WTF!! but 
after grinding and brewing, tasted great.  These beans retained their 
fruity smell but got a 'tartness - pungentacity' to the smell, almost a 
whiff of bile smell... .. well.. the phrase i used to describe it was  
parakeet vomit... Ill leave it at that.   Again I have had pungent 
coffee's before and they were ok after grinding and brewing.
Back to the roasting... I roast in my apartment and no I do NOT open all 
the windows and stuff, the smoke doesn't bother me, and I let the A/C 
evap take the smoke out as it filters through and gets on the 
condensation in it.  Generally for a few days after i roast you can walk 
in and smell the smell of roasted coffee... We ALL know what that smells 
like,  the 'roasted' coffee smell.... these beans did not have that 
roasted smell it was a fruity, almost cloying smell.. not really bad, 
just... different.
the coffee itself....brewing  an odd fruity smell itself, turning into a 
groundy earthy smell.    For those who put coffee grounds into a bucket 
or whatever to take outside and compost,  know that smell when theyve 
been sitting in there a day or two and start to ferment a bit.... it 
smells sort of like that...
once the coffee is actually brewed and into the cup the smell is not bad 
at all kind of a mild fruity smell, slight earthy smell but not in a bad 
way.  when hot it has kind of a fruity almost like that espresso bean 
taste, you know the one, sharp taste to add the 'bite' to an espresso 
blend.  I forget what you call it, ...  with that i bet this would be an 
extremely interesting bean to try for an espresso, it'd definately 
'mellow out' any sharp flavors or bites in it, yet at the same time, add 
it's own.
It's woody, kind of tannic like, fruity, has a thick mouthfeel to it. 
has a lingering aftertaste, almost like that aftertaste or 'feel' one 
gets if they smoke a pipe..  as the temperature dies down the taste 
becomes a bit more pronounced until it approached around 100 degrees 
then the taste subdued a bit but the smell in the cup came up.  and yes 
there IS a good amount of blueberry in it now too.
I wouldn't make it a point of drinking it straight but i can see where 
it'd be a fantastic bean in a blend, again for a new kind of espresso 
blend, or possibly maybe 25 % of this with a good guat or brazil....

10) From: Zara Haimo
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This is the bean that broke my stash reduction vows.  It sounded just =
too weird not to try.  I have a pound on order, and while I was there, =
several other beans jumped into my shopping cart too...  I'll just have =
to drink more to bring the stash back down.

11) From: Justin Marquez
I hope a little of this intersting coffee is left when I have returned home
so I can try it firsthand!  It is rather frustrating being away when strange
and wonderous coffees appear in Tom's Greens Page.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)
On 9/26/07, Zara Haimo  wrote:

12) From: Bob Brashear
Just roasted to a City Plus in a Hottop. The standard "grassy hay" smell 
in the beginning gave over to a berry-ish aroma that deepened toward the 
end of the roast. Did a crunch test after cooling and got a very strong 
berry taste on the tip of the tongue. Further back in the mouth was a 
tannic-oak flavor.
The barnyard smell came out when I de-chaffed using a hairdryer. Nothing 
strong, but it was there. Not offensive.
I'm going to try this one day by day until used up and will take notes.

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