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1) From: Robert Gulley
Hi Folks
I ran across this book a while back and got it from the library. Very 
interesting, particularly the coffee section. Here is a quote:
"By the early seventeenth century, visiting Europeans were commenting 
on the widespread popularity of coffeehouses in the Arab world, and 
their role as meeting places and sources of news. ... They were also 
popular venues for chess and backgammon, which were regarded as 
morally dubious. ... George Sandys, an English traveler who visited 
Egypt and Palestine in 1610, observed that 'although they be 
destitute of Taverns, yet they have their Coffa-houses, which 
something resemble them. There they sit chatting most of the day; and 
sippe of a drink called Coffa in little China dishes, as hot as they 
can suffer it; blacke as soote, and tasting not much unlike it.' "
Tom Standage, A History of the World in Six Glasses, Walker, 
Copyright 2005 by Tom Standage, pp. 137-140.

2) From: Robert Gulley
Just to clarify - this particular quote from A History . . .  comes 
from delancyplace.com, a daily mailing of book excerpts (well worth 
checking into - it's free). I did however check out the book and the 
coffee section is quite interesting.
Cheers -
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3) From: Les
Sounds like the first *$s!  Especially the reference to "blacke as
soote, and tasting not much unlike it."
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4) From: John Brown
reading a new book the Devil's cup
a history of the world accordingto coffee
stewart lee allen
Les wrote:

5) From: Brian Kamnetz
Good one, Les!
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