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1) From: William Stocks
Dear Group,
I will soon be moving onto a sail boat for a few years and will have to give
up my extremely successful combination of Hearthware Precision roaster,
Rancilio Rocky grinder, and La Pavoni expresson maker.
Can the group help me by suggesting a non-electric alternative?
I am considering either the Zassenhaus all grain mill or Salter mill
grinder, and the whirley-pop roaster, but am stuck when it comes to a stove
top expresso maker.
What kind of a shot will the Moka Pots make? Will I be extremely
disappointed? a little disappointed? Is there any other propane powered
expresso maker? or other way?
Thank you for any suggestions or experiences.
William Stocks
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2) From: JKG
a stove
Depends on your expectations.  You may be extremely
disappointed if your expectations are for the same taste.
On the other hand, it is possible to make consistent good,
strong coffee from a moka pot. Unlike my first espresso shot,
my first cup of coffee from a moka pot was excellent.
I've got an older Bialetti that makes about one small mug of
coffee.  The brewing technique that works for me is to use
medium heat and to remove the moka pot from the heat at
first "gurgle." It's good coffee, but it's not true espresso.
Congrats on your move!  There may be a couple of other
advantages to living on a boat that make up for not having
true espresso.  :-)
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3) From: Jeff Morris
I just came back from a 1 year ICW trip.  I used a 166 grinder - it used 16
amps DC for about a minute - a small part of the DC budget - so you might be
able to take the rocky.  I can't help with the espresso - we used a paper
drip into a thermos.  I used a WhirlyPop on a Magma BBQ whenever we could -
it made so much smoke that we couldn't use it in a marina - and you
certainly can't use it down below.  Get two long handle colanders so you can
pour back and forth over the stern for cooldown and de-chaffing.  I never
really got the hang of the WhirlyPop - the temperature varied a lot because
the environment isn't controlled, and I couldn't really hear the cracks.  I
usually quit too early, and got it a bit lighter than I wanted.  Still beats
Folgers.  Be prepared for unexpected visitors for b'fast.
So, what type of boat, and where are you traveling?
-jeff     www.sv-loki.com

4) From:
must be a sign......
I began roasting in September
bought a new to me sailboat in October.....
may have to start a SIG for this combination  :>)
my Zass grinder and little 2cup cona are going sailing 
who will listen to any advice from roasters or sailors!
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5) From: gerald allen green
William,  The Moka pot makes quite acceptable coffee, I think.  The Bialetti,
Musa, and Kontessa models one finds on www.kitchenemporium.com seem to be good
specimens.  For years as a poor student I used a nifty little device called an
"Atomic," that made real espresso.  I'm surprised and delighted to see it still
available on the web at www.surlatable.com.  What will you do for a roaster when
you're under way?  You'll obviously have to accept some compromises in what
you've become accustomed to.  --  Jerry
William Stocks wrote:
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6) From: Glenn R.holmes
An Ibrik will also make an excellent coffee.
You do not need to add the spices etc. Just the coffee will do, or 
coffee & sugar if you are so inclined..
Like the Moka pot, you use low heat under it.
Some of the varietals I have tried in the Ibrik came out just beautiful.
Also espresso roasts.
gerald allen green wrote:
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7) From: Angelo
I think the Moka pot makes a very tasty drink...I guess millions of 
Italians agree with me. It's what i bring with me when I go to a house 
where all they have is a Mr. Coffee machine and Folgers.
Ibriks are cheap and durable and make a nice cup of Turkish coffee....
As to getting a bit more control over the Whirley-pop, try using a cast 
iron pot under it when roasting. It acts as a sort of heat sink and keeps 
the temp more stable. I imagine you could even put some sand in the pot and 
get greater stability. :-)
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8) From: Robert Cantor
You might check alt.coffee (usenet).  If memory serves there's a guy named
Danny who has altered one boiler of a multi-boiler machine to run off gas.
You might do a google subject search in that group for fawlty - that should
bring him up with a minimum of false hits.   Others in this group may know
more - or correct me if I'm wrong...  :)
Bob C.

9) From: David Moeny
This has been mentioned before, but there are propane heated lever machines available.  Try a search in alt.coffee.
Juneau, AK
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