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Topic: ARGH!!! You made me buy more coffee! (5 msgs / 102 lines)
1) From: Terry Stockdale
My coffee inventory cabinet is getting too full!
You, the denizens of the Homeroast mailing list, kept writing about 
the India Mallali Estate "Tree-Dried Natural" though - writing again 
and again and again - tempting me with descriptions of the beans you 
roasted and all the marvelous tastes you found.
I finally gave in - Sweet Maria's shipped my order today.
Of course, I had to fill out the 12 pound flat rate box with some 
Rwanda Kinunu Bourbon and yet another shipment of Nicaragua 
Limoncillo Estate - Java Longberry (which has the most amazing milk 
chocolate odor and taste).
What can I say?
Thank you.  Keep up the temptations.
Terry Stockdale -- Baton Rouge, LA
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2) From: scott miller
Agreed on the Limoncillo. I'm really loving that lime accent that is
mentioned in the notes for this crop.
I have enough for about 4 more pots. tomorrow, I'll do a stovetop moka pot.
That seems to really bring the lime out.
On 10/12/07, Terry Stockdale  wrote:

3) From: Les
Now you guys stop spreading the word about the best "sleeper" on the
list!  My stash isn't low enough to order more and with praises like
this I won't be able to get more cause it will be all gone!
On 10/12/07, scott miller  wrote:

4) From: DJ Garcia
Go on, Terry, blame it on everybody else. God knows I do ...

5) From: Michael Mccandless
Now you've done it.
The temptation was finally too much.
I will be 25# richer (?) in greens in a few days.
On 10/12/07, Terry Stockdale  wrote:

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