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Topic: Garage roasting (was Re: +apartment roasting) (12 msgs / 210 lines)
1) From: Pat Sklenar
Vicki Smith wrote:
    Out of curiosity, do you park your car in the garage?  Any issues or 
concerns with chaff by roasting in the garage?
    Oh, by the way, new Sunbeam is working great!  Definitely a 
different mixing pattern than my old Toastmaster, but nary a beam has 
hopped out of the roasting bowl once yet!

2) From: Brett Mason
Usually a beam will tip over the roaster...
...remove the beam from your own roaster, and then work on the beam in your
brother's roaster...
...beam is the width on my boat, actually it's the width on all boats, and
yachts and ships too...
...doesn't the wood cause problems with the coffee...
OK, so I just needed a venting break...
Carry on!
On 10/21/07, Pat Sklenar  wrote:

3) From: Vicki Smith
As Brett (and others) know, my husband's Charger is the (hopefully #2) 
love of his life. My piece of junk would be improved if it smelled like 
coffee or had chaff adorning it.
In any case, we have a fairly large garage, and nothing roast related 
has damaged our cars. My roasting setup is about three feet from the 
I'm glad you are enjoying the bread machine you ordered from Amazon. 
Although used ones can be found, for the price ($41 I think this time), 
buying new is not such a bad deal. And the Sunbeam 5891 bread machine 
really does handle beans better than any other machine I have roasted 
in. The same machine is available as an Oster.

4) From: Frank Parth
And my ketch has a nice broad beam. Makes her comfortable in choppy weather. But I haven't thought about roasting in 
the galley. Now you've made me worry that I'll tip her over (on her beam ends, so to speak) if I fired up the GeneCafe 
on board.
Frank Parth

5) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 10/21/07, Frank Parth  wrote:
My kvetch is the prevalence of dreck coffee.... Oh, KETCH....

6) From: Patrick R. Sklenar
Brett, Oh brother!  One little typo!  Just one.  And at least the two 
letters are adjacent to one another on the keyboard!  Sheesh, you ought 
to see ... no, wait, no you shouldn't! :P
Oh, and Vicki, yes, I ordered the BM you recommend on Amazon and I'm 
quite happy with it.  Thank you!  And it's good to know that the chaff 
doesn't cause too much difficultly in the garage.  Is it safe to assume 
you have the door open at the time, or not?  I guess if the door is 
closed, the chaff would just rise on the hot air and then fall around 
the roasting location ... thus facilitating easy vacuuming?  hmmm ... 
Coffee roasting scented Subaru ... I might be able to deal with that as 
long as I continue to avoid any french roasts! :p
Looking forward to staring my Christmas gift roasting for friends and 
family.  I've decided to give four 1/4 pound samplers to everyone.  I'm 
leaning towards a Kona, IMV, a Sumatra and a Columbian.  I haven't 
roasted any Columbia beans yet, so unless folks make a recommendation 
for me, I'll probably just order what ever is the highest rated 
Columbian available on SM's site when I place my order. :)
OT -- I haven't been updating my web page for a while, but I *AM* still 
roasting when I can.  It's just that mom went in for a knee replacement 
on 8/14 which went VERY well.  Unfortunately she had a negative reaction 
to the general anesthesia and developed an Illeus and her colon 
perforated 7 days after the original operation.  They did an emergency 
bowel resection which seemed to go well, but four days later it started 
leaking and they did a 2nd emergency surgery.  Her tissues were too weak 
to hold the sutures after that, so they couldn't close up her abdomen.  
Four weeks in ICU.  A week and a half on the general surgical ward and 
we're now into her third week in Acute Rehab (building strength and 
endurance and re-learning how to stand and walk).  The abdominal wound 
is healing nicely.  Both the Ileostomy and the Colostomy are working 
well.  Once the wound has filled in, they want to do a skin graft to 
cover it.  And, in about a year or so, they *think* than can do another 
surgery to reconnect the two remaining parts of the intestine and get 
rid of the two ostomy bags.  But I'm not quite  sure how mom'll feel 
about another abdominal surgery after having gone through all this.
Brett Mason wrote:

7) From: Vicki Smith
Well, it depends. If I am roasting in my nightgown, the door stays 
closed. If it is -30 and windy, the door stays closed.
Patrick R. Sklenar wrote:

8) From: Patrick R. Sklenar
and if it IS -30, windy AND you're wearing your nightgown, the door .... 
let me guess ... stays closed? ;)
Vicki Smith wrote:

9) From: Tom Ulmer
-30F and windy? Living naked with Xingu Indians sounds more =
Vicki Smith wrote:

10) From: Brett Mason
If it's cold and windy, and you are in your nightgown, the neighbors would
vote for an open-door policy...
On 10/22/07, Vicki Smith  wrote:

11) From: Sean Cary
heck, if it is below 70 I close the garage door when I am
roasting...then when I open it, it looks like the van from Fast Times
at Ridgemont High...
Some folks have stated they get a caffeine buzz from the smoke - I
have not noticed that yet.
Off to Ramadi tonight - which is no longer the most dangerous place in Iraq...
On 10/23/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

12) From: Vicki Smith
It's clear we haven't met f2f yet, Brett. Ron thinks I'm cute as a 
button, but it would have to be a very old button :).
Brett Mason wrote:

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