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1) From: Bonnie Polkinghorn
I was too tired to roast last week, so I went to my local Peets and got a
1/2 lb of Decaf Mocca-Java to tide me over.  I was measuring some beans
before grinding, and I noticed giant divots in quite a few of the beans.
I have read on this list that for home roasting, the divots are caused by
rapid heating.
I took a photo of some of the beans, they are a little blurry, but they do
show the divots, if anyone is interested, and if you can get to this
website, I am not sure if you need a Yahoo login or not, I apologize if you
do.http://www.flickr.com/photos/53751754/sets/72157602640334094Are these the types of divots that home roasters may see, or are these a
different anomaly?
I'm happily drinking my home roasted coffee again (I'm enjoying a cup of
Panama Carmen Estates WP Decaf as I type), so this really isn't an issue,
just a curiosity.
Thank you,
Bonnie P.
Santa Rosa, CA

2) From: W. Simon
There are others here more experienced than I at roasting.  I only see these
when I go into second crack.  I always thought that they were the result of
the second crack.
On 10/23/07, Bonnie Polkinghorn  wrote:

3) From: raymanowen

4) From: Robert Gulley
Hi Bonnie
Thanks for posting the picture -very interesting. Don't know the 
answer to your question, but I appreciate you asking and the photo.
Robert RG
At 01:16 PM 10/23/2007, you wrote:
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5) From: Brett Mason
Hi Bonnie,
Those divots are from too much heat on the specific point of the bean - they
aren't tumbling enough, if by drum, or are touching the steel side of the
drum on point without agitation.  Kind of a shame, I would have expected
better from Peets...
I guess it's not the brand or stature of the company - it's the quality of
the product.
I would take it back and ask for replacement...
On 10/23/07, Bonnie Polkinghorn  wrote:

6) From: Lynne
Thanks exactly what I thought! (Never saw that on any of my carefully
roasted batches..)
Good work, catching that, Brett..
On 10/23/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
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7) From: Brett Mason
Try a popper - you'll see them all the time!
On 10/23/07, Lynne  wrote:

8) From: Bonnie Polkinghorn
Thanks everyone.  I saved those few beans with the divots and I'll take them
back to my local Peets on Thursday.  I'll let you know what they say.  At
least now I'm armed with a little more knowledge about what causes this.
I'm looking forward to my discussion because I know some of the cashiers
there (I hesitate to call them baristas, my bad).
I keep stressing my local Peets because they opened a new Peets near where
my dad lives, and all the people that work there are new and they make a LOT
of mistakes, however cheerful they may be.
On 10/23/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

9) From: Derek Bradford
Are you sure about your analysis, Brett?  I thought it simply meant
the beans were brought into second crack too quickly.  I can make
divots with my 72rpm drum, but it's got nothing to do with stationary
Tom wrote this sometime in 2002:
They actually occur more in air roasting processes (commercial
and home roasters) because there is a more rapid a volumnous
degassing of CO-2 during the roast process and soon after. They
happen because the structure of the bean has been fractured by the
2nd crack, and the volatility of the crack driven by outgassing of
CO-2. So what they mean is the coffee did get into 2nd crack but I
have seen them even when the coffee was BARELY into 2nd crack, and
still cups like a Full City roast.
On 10/24/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
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10) From: Brian Kamnetz
Another option for you and your dad would be to buy already-roasted
coffee from Sweet Maria's:http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.roasted.htmlVery convenient, delivered to your door, and always top quality beans
expertly roasted.
On 10/24/07, Bonnie Polkinghorn  wrote:

11) From: Larry Johnson
I used to get them all the time in my Fresh Roast 8; plenty of bean
movement but very fast heating. I rarely get them with my HG/BM these
On 10/24/07, Derek Bradford  wrote:
Larry J

12) From: Brett Mason
Excellent points Derek - I may well be wrong about my analysis to cause...
Personally I would take them back and complain about quality...
They don't let me run freely...
On 10/24/07, Derek Bradford  wrote:

13) From: Brian Kamnetz
I used them as the sign the roast was done when I roasted in a Poppery
II. I never see them now that I am using HG/DB.
On 10/24/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:

14) From: Bonnie Polkinghorn
Thanks Brian,
I normally don't run out of homeroasted beans, it was either no beans or
those beans.  It was only 1/2 lb to tide me over.
Get out your violins... Tue. night I was reading books and rocking my 4 year
old daughter in the rocking chair.   I had planned to roast, but rocking in
that rocking chair had such a soothing affect on me..... I had just enough
beans to brew the next morning and then I was totally out, so I planned to
roast that evening, Wed. and miraculously, the same thing happened, I fell
asleep.  No coffee at all Thur. morning.  Off to Peets that morning, in the
guise of making a coffee run for my office,  1/2 lb lasted 2 days, I was
able to roast again on Saturday during the day.... I'm back in business.
I think I will order some roasted beans from Sweet Maria's in the future so
I can compare my attempts at home roasting with Tom's expertise.
Thanks again,
On 10/24/07, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

15) From: Lynne
Ah... sacrificing your homeroasted coffee - for rocking your little one..
Now that's the true definition of what it means to be a mom..
(and what a beautiful picture that was, too)

16) From: Bonnie Polkinghorn
 Somehow, I had lost the little jar my 4 beans with divots were in, but I
found them today.  Off to Peets I went.
(To those that don't remember, I couldn't roast for a few days so in an
emergency went to Peets - 5 min. from the office - and got a 1/2 lb bag of
Mokka Java Decaf.  I was loading the grinder and noticed a lot of giant
divots on the beans.  My link has moved:http://www.flickr.com/photos/53751754/sets/72157602782786242/Advice from the list was to take them back, see what they say.)
I showed one lady the beans, she had me talk to another lady.  She didn't
know what to say, not many people bring beans back, I guess.  She said they
looked burnt and she threw them away.  She gave me a 1/2 lb of the same
bean.   I talked to her about the quality I had come to expect from Peets
and that I didn't think they were really burnt, but maybe that they were
heated too fast or that perhaps something else went wrong with the roasting
process.  She didn't really want to discuss.  I asked if she had ever seen
such a thing, but she said she doesn't look that closely at the beans.
The sad part is, I don't need or want these beans.  I just roasted some
Costa Rica Coop Libertad WP Decaf last night to a good C+.
I guess I didn't know what to expect, and even though I got a replacement, I
think what I really wanted was a reaction or a discussion about
roasting from the manager.
I ordered a traditional cappucino.  Normally, if you order the traditional
it comes in a small ceramic cup.  The lady that replaced my beans made the
drink, called my name, and sitting there was a paper cup filled up about
half way.  I was bummed.  I had sat down, found a good article to read, was
looking forward to the clink of the cup, you know?
I am lucky because there are a number of good local coffee roasters in my
area, so my next emergency will take me there instead of Peets.  Flying
Goat, Ecco Caffe, Cafe Noto (who currently gets their beans from Sunshine
Coffee Roasters, but will be roasting their own in the future).
Now I'm back at the office and I still have a full thermos of the last of my
Kenya Peaberry Auction Lot WP Decaf which I am about to enjoy.
Thank you for all of your advice,
Sorry this is more like an OT rant,
Bonnie P.

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