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Topic: Panama Carmen Estate 1800+ Meters (11 msgs / 163 lines)
1) From: Eddie Dove
I cannot believe Tom still has this coffee in inventory.  I finally
got around to roasting this coffee last weekend and I am consuming the
last of it today.  My regret is that I don't have any left to brew in
the KMB;  this coffee would absolutely excel in that brewer.  Come to
think of it, a vacuum brew would be wonderful too.
The cup is just wonderful!  Very present, but not overbearing.  At
three days rest, it was nicely citric, crisp, clean and clear.  On day
5, the citric is subdued just a bit, but only enough to give way to
the wonderfully nutty tonality.  The finish of the coffee, will have
you exhale an utterly relaxed, "Friday."
Have a flawless Friday!
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
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2) From: Les
Good morning Eddie,
Yes that is one of the nicest coffees out there.  "Kona" balance at an
awesome price.  It is one of my favorites.  I am waiting to the TV to
finish brewing some Costa Rica Gesha.  The aroma is driving me crazy,
so checking out the SM list is a good distraction.  I have to leave
for work in a few minutes and I will enjoy the cup all the way into
work!  Have a great day.
On 11/2/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

3) From: Jim Gundlach
And I committed to buying no more coffee at least this month!  Stash  
is too large for spouse and no way to hide it during remodeling.  I  
went ahead and ordered new burrs for the Major, I estimate I am  
approaching the 700 pounds on the current set, and a group head  
thermometer for the Andreja so this month's coffee budget is spent.
     pecan jim
On Nov 2, 2007, at 8:15 AM, Les wrote:

4) From: Sean Cary
I love centrals, and this is a constant re-order...
98 and counting...
On 11/2/07, Jim Gundlach  wrote:

5) From: Robert Joslin
     I roasted almost 2 lbs (the last I had) of Panama Carmen 1800 last week
and it is still a smashing cup (cup smasher?).  Oh, did I mention it was
last years crop?  Well, although I can't be as elegantly descriptive as you,
it is damn good and a fine coffee to share.  I have such lucky
On 11/2/07, Sean Cary  wrote:

6) From: Lynne
Ah - that solves my mystery. I roasted up something that had part of a label
on it - all I could
read was "Estate 1800+ Meters." (part of the beans gifted to me :>})
It's SO delicious... unfortunately, now I've reached the horrid, "can't
taste anything" stage of my
cold (the worst was yesterday - getting my taste buds back!) I'm glad I was
able to have a
few cups of this while I could still decipher flavor!!

7) From: Sean Cary
zinc - always makes a cold go away in three days...
I swear by the Airborne stuff also - every other time I have deployed
to this wonderful part of the world - I get sick within two weeks,
this time when I got to Kuwait I started taking Airborne, and have not
been sick once.
When I start feeling sick, take some more and whammo it knocks it out
of me...swear by the stuff!
97 and counting...
On Nov 3, 2007 12:42 AM, Lynne  wrote:

8) From: Tom Ogren
Yep...been popping Airborne these days as well...works wonders. As for the
Panama Carmen Estate, I've been infatuated with that stuff since '06.
Beautiful coffee...tons of positive character...Eddie nailed it when he said
"nutty tonality".
On 11/2/07, Sean Cary  wrote:

9) From: Lynne
Hey - I think I saw some zinc in the pile of supplements I have. I'll take
some now - does this Airborne stuff work if you've had the cold for awhile?
I'll try to get some tomorrow - provided I can get to the store before Noel
hits... (didn't even realize that a hurricane was headed our way until my
daughter called - Noelle - to tell me. :P)
Thanks for the tip - I'm feeling awful. Hope this helps..
(near the coast, of course... eeks!)
On 11/3/07, Sean Cary  wrote:

10) From: Lynne
I keep finding new, wonderful types of coffee that I am discovering. As soon
as I feel better, (and get caught up on my school work, including an
enormous amount of MATH [eeks!], then have a bit of a blog planned.
But for now... I don't have the strength to do much!
On 11/3/07, Tom Ogren  wrote:

11) From: Brett Mason
Dearest Lynne,
You have come across the Tempter's Secret ...  He apparently always has just
a wee bit more o' the wonder, hidden in beans, yet again from new and old
estates...  Just have one sip, that's all He asks...
On 11/2/07, Lynne  wrote:

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