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1) From: Mike Koenig
I know there was a thread a week or so ago discussing rests, and
whether there is a need for a rest or not, so I'll add this data
I roasted some Misty Valley last week in my I-Roast, since I didn't
have the time to dig out the apparatus for the drum.  Managed to hit a
pretty nice city+ roast, and it smelled really good during the roast.
The next day, I couldn't wait to try it as my morning cup at work.
It tasted like dirt.
Same thing the next day, so I put the jar away for rice-purging duty
when cleaning the grinder.    I figured I baked it with a too-slow
profile due to the cooler weather.
My parents were visiting this weekend, and since I knew they would
likely load their coffee up with Splenda (blech!) and milk,  I eyed
the jar of supposedly ruined IMV,  which had now been sitting for
around 5 days.  I opened it and got hit with a wave of fruit vapor.
Brewed enough for the three of us, and wow--sweet and fruity.  This
lived up to all the comments I've heard about this coffee.   I even
got my parents to drink it sans additives (which I think is a first).
I'm really glad I didn't relegate this to grinder cleaning duty.

2) From: Brian Kamnetz
Interesting story, mike.
On Nov 5, 2007 3:08 PM, Mike Koenig  wrote:

3) From: Jason Brooks
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Ordering tonight.  IMV....
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4) From: Mejia, Carlos
Very interesting.. I've roasted 3 batches of IMV with my iR2. Two were
roasted to C+ and one a little darker... maybe FC.  None of the beans
have made it beyond a 3 day rest.  Typically, I'll roast in the evening
and start drinking the next morning.  I haven't really noticed any taste
difference over the 3 days (of coarse not a side by side comparison).
They certainly didn't taste like dirt!.  On the contrary, every "morning
after" brew has been fantastic.  I haven't experienced any beans improve
taste after a couple of days rest.  Maybe I'm just not waiting long

5) From: Dave Ehrenkranz
I have not obtained any of the most recent lot of IMV but I did  
obtain some of both lots from last year. And while they were similar  
they were also quite different. I was amazed when I actually could  
notice (both taste and smell) the blueberry notes in the first lot  
(5#) and although the second lot (10#) is good I have not yet been  
able to get the blueberry notes the first lot had.
I have hoping the Behmor  will better enable me to hear first and  
second crack then my iRoast2 and thus be able to better able to  
control the roast.
On Nov 5, 2007, at 3:18 PM, Mejia, Carlos wrote:

6) From: zane
Interesting indeed.  I had the opposite experience as you Mike.  I've only
done one roast of IMV, but I thought that I nailed a C/C+ and was really
excited to try it the next morning.  Instead of tasting like dirt it had the
amazing floral and fruit notes just like Tom wrote; this was after 12hrs
rest.  But the next day the flavor was completely different, where did my
fruit go?  Great coffee still, but nothing like the day before, and only a
hint of fruit of yestereday.  The beans were cooled within 4min of the end
of roasting.  My methods of brewing were different each day and that may
have something to do with it.  Drip then mocha then press.  not exactly good
tasting science, but I will give it another try here soon, and looking
forward to more.

7) From: Hans von Sichart
anybody else ever had an issue with IMV emitting a strong LIVERWURST
smell right after or during grinding? or am i hallucinating?
+ hans "to second crack and bejond"

8) From: Justin Marquez
You didn't run that thru the sausage grinder by mistake, did you...?
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)
On 11/5/07, Hans von Sichart  wrote:

9) From: Brian Kamnetz
Good one, Justin!
On Nov 6, 2007 10:37 AM, Justin Marquez  wrote:

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