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1) From: Anthony Ottman
Actually, I made some a few weeks ago, using melted Ghirardelli dark
chocolate chips left over from making peanut butter balls.  (BTW, those
go especially well with a cup of good home roast, your choice.  Recipe
available upon request.)  I think I used a light-roasted Ghimbi, which
was wonderful as coffee, but was disappointed with the chocolate-covered
experiment.  Hence, the question to the group.  Thanks to all for the
suggestions so far.
As for coating the beans, I just threw a handful of beans into what was
left of the melted chocolate in a double boiler and stirred until covered.
Anthony Ottman
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2) From: Mike McGinness
I prefer FC to Vienna Roasted Kona covered in dark chocolate... wonderfully addictive!
Home Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA
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3) From: The Scarlet Wombat
You need really intensely flavored beans for chocolate covering, a French
or Vienna roast is best, in my experience.
Melt some good dark chocolate, I use Lindt bittersweet, but Ghirardelli is
excellent.  Melt this chocolate slowly, dark chocolate can burn, so watch
it carefully.
As soon as it is melted, pour it over a mess of coffee beans in a single
layer on a plate.  Turn them all over with a fork so they get well coated
on all sides and knock off or pick off with a fork onto waxed paper or
aluminum foil sprayed with Pam.  Allow to cool, then refrigerate to really
set the chocolate.  They are delicious and will seriously impress your
Once melted, the chocolate never gets as firm as it once was, so keeping
them chilled is a good idea.  To make them stable at room temps, you need
to add a little food grade parrafin.  I don't bother as they never last
long enough.
To really surprise people, bake some peanut butter cookies and press the
beans into the tops of the cookies the moment they come out of the oven.
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4) From: nick murdick
I am looking to make some *really good chocolate covered coffee/ espresso 
Does anyone have any experience/knowledge with this-- they might care to 
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I am sure this topic has been dealt with before within this group, so I am
sure that ya'll will have the answers.
A co-worker has asked about acquiring chocolate covered coffee beans. I have
consumed a few of these items which my wife had purchased for me (she
doesn't use coffee but drags in every sort of off the wall coffee item for
me). My Question is which bean would be best to use for covering? My first
assumption would be robusta due to the size covered beans I've seen. Also
would assume you wouldn't want to waste a nice Geisha on something like that
(or Costa Rica, or Ethiopia, or Well, any GOOD bean).
Also from the texture I remember I am also assuming at least a Vienna roast?
And I would just bet you wouldn't want to use Hersey's.
Awaiting the judges decision.
Start HOT and work your way Down...
Peppers AND Coffee.
(I'm the tall guy in the middle)

6) From: Jeff Oien
I think a light Vienna is good because they crunch easier. I think beans 
that go well with chocolate are Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Anything 
with wild tastes may clash. I like using decaf so that I can eat quite a 
  few without getting caffeinated beyond the coffee I drink.

7) From:
if you are dunking these little creatures yourself, with multiple layers of chocolate both dark and/or milk I would choose a bean I like the munch of!
So munch a few and see what you like. If you trust others to munch for you, you may likely be disappointed.
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8) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
We need some choc covered coffee brownies!!!!!
(well in a few years I will)

9) From: Rudy Ramsey
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seen. Also would assume you wouldn't want to waste a nice Geisha on
something like that (or Costa Rica, or Ethiopia, or Well, any GOOD bean). 
There's a pretty good area candy company here in the Denver area, called
"Mountain Man". I had a conversation with them about their chocolate-covered
coffee beans. It seems that the owners have a special relationship with a
farmer in, I believe, Guatemala. They buy his beans, and pay a local roaster
to prepare small quantities, as needed, for their candy. I guess that makes
this a relationship coffee, no? While I don't fully trust my memory
regarding the country, it was certainly one of the countries from which I
regularly buy beans from  SM. Not a robusta, I think. J
They're good, BTW. Actually Mike McCoffee may be able to give an opinion on
that, too, as I took him some as a house gift when I went to NWPG V.
Rudy Ramsey
Coffee blog: www.ramsisle.com/rudysrants/?cat 

10) From: Brett Mason
If you want to use your best beans, then try www.chocolatealchemy.com - John
is frequently on this list, but his chocolate rivals Tom's beans...
On 8/6/07, Rudy Ramsey  wrote:

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