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Topic: Grinder on eBay (used Grindmaster) (5 msgs / 147 lines)
1) From: Robert Kaye
I had recently looked at used grindmaster coffee grinders on eBay  
prior to purchasing my first non-whirly-blade grinder.  Looking at the  
readily available disassembled parts-ordering views in the pdf's  
online, I was amazed at how simple they are and how readily parts are  
available.  Due to such, I am confident that if a problem arose,  
fixing it wouldnt be too daunting. I didn't see any ratings online by  
baristas for how they perform, but I would be curious to read such a  
review. The 8xx series I think said it was rated for 30,000 pounds  
(!), and the burrs seemed to be ~$125.  Oddly, I was curious about the  
size of the burrs and couldn't find that online either. Some of the  
grindmaster models have a selection for turkish too, I suspect that  
those models are better at producing espresso grinds.
Anyway, my curiousity and initial attraction to the grindmasters was  
that it had auto-settings for drip, espresso, etc -- as a novice, I am  
trying to teach myself what size the grind should be for each type of  
coffee, so I could apply that knowledge on a Mazzer/Macap. There is a  
real dearth of an accepted easy-to-follow plan to get oneself from the  
person who buys coffe at a speciality coffe shop to where they would  
be knowledgable enough for a Rocky+Silvia. By contrast, there is all  
kinds of information to take you from an experienced Rocky+Silvia to a  
~Mazzer+~Andreja and beyond...  Thank the gods for the helpful people  
on this list who have been patient and kind enough to help us with  
those first baby steps. -Robert

2) From: Homeroaster
The burrs on the grindmaster machines are huge!  They are close to 8-10cm in 
diameter!  I rehabbed several similar machines back when I had my 
coffeehouse in the '70's.  I bought five of them at a restaurant auction for 
$7.35 total !  They all needed TLC, but it was mainly cleaning.  I replaced 
the burrset on the one I used in the shop for grinding bagged coffee. 
Grindmaster is in Louisville, so I picked up the burrset a few miles from my 
home.  I remember it being about $35 at that time.
I thinkhttp://www.1st-line.com/ will have the burrs for the referenced 
machine at a reasonable cost.
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"http://www.homeroaster.com*********************

3) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
not a big fan of grindmasters... the bunns i have had were better - 
nice burrs on them but motor issues and the mounts were poor. these 
were models from the '90s - i am sure they were much better in the 
70s.... -tom
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4) From: raymanowen
You'll find the grinder is the Whole Story in brewing coffee.
Just think- the grinder is the only bottleneck in the coffee chain that can
either enable or disable your best efforts to produce an exquisite cup of
coffee. Sweet Maria's beans are able, if you just perfect the roasting,
aging, grinding and brewing procedures. Good coffee can actually get better
if you perfect every step in making it, and you'll have to take baby steps
in doing it.
Baby steps, as far as the grinder is concerned, means making very small
increments or decrements in the grind particulate size, holding everything
else constant.
Toy grinders are able to do no better than turn coffee beans into coffee
crumbs. One brew might be excellent, but you'd be hard pressed to duplicate
it or improve on it with a grinder that isn't used simultaneous with every
brew. If you just pull the doser for every brew, the grind can't change.
"Doser" is a euphemism for a coffee Death Chamber, on p.113 of Ray's
Illustrated Coffee cyclopedia.
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?
On Nov 5, 2007 4:33 PM, Robert Kaye  wrote:

5) From: gin
Hi Ray-O:
I actually got the grinder on eBay. Brett gace me an idea of price so I had a limit for myself; shipping to me is less then 40 bucks.
Brett is using the same burrs that arrived in his and the one he got was made in 1946!!
Another thing to play with in my not so spare time. It would make a great Traditiontoo.
---- raymanowen wrote: 

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